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True Blue Forever by Joyce Sterling Scarbrough--A Review

Reading level: Young Adult

Paperback: 310 pages

ISBN-10: 1591299934
ISBN-13: 978-1591299936

To Purchase: http://tinyurl.com/qrocvc

**Also available on Kindle and in Large Print

Three fifth grade boys watch a red-haired girl on stage--and each vows he will one day make her his own. Move ahead a few years and these same four still find their lives entwined-with red-haired Jeana in the center. She's grown more beautiful--one boy has broken her heart and another has become her best friend. What about the third? He has seen his dream of making Jeana his own come true.

I won't ever read another book by Joyce Sterling Scarbough. Why? Let me tell you. First she goes and creates these characters that are so life-like they become your friends. If that weren't enough, she places them in situations that make you laugh and cry, get angry and feel sympathy-and makes you want to reach into the pages of the book and hug each and every one.

Her antagonist in this book was actually quite lovable-a troubled boy who made you want to break through his tough exterior. Jeana was a smart girl-very unusual for a romance novel. She has looks, brains and an inner strength that you can't miss. While the boy who won her heart was handsome, I was actually rooting for the best friend.

Joyce Scarbough weaves a tale that draws you in completely. You feel each and every emotion, find yourself cheering for the characters and crying when they hurt. In the end, you feel as though you have lost some very good friends when you turn the last page. You find yourself dreaming about them!

Nope, I won't ever read a book by Joyce Sterling Scarbrough again...

...unless I want to be entertained, feel like I've fallen in love with every character and want to find my emotions electrified to their fullest!

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Vivian Zabel said...

What a delightful review. Thanks for the unique approach.

orcalover said...

It is a great book. I love the way you do reviews. You're right, these are characters that get into your head, characters you cannot forget.

Good review.

Karen Cioffi said...


You drew me in with your lead in! Great job - it sounds like a wonderful book.


Sandy Lender said...

Excellent review that gives good information for the YA audience and beyond. Very clever!!
Sandy Lender
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

Deb Hockenberry said...

This was a wonderful review! Now I want to read Joyce's book.

Lynn McMonigal said...

So, I take it you liked the book??? LOL I am still looking forward to reading this one. Can't wait to have it in my hands!!!


The Belle in Blue said...

Thanks, Joyce, you sneaky girl! You write the best reviews. And thanks for all the kind comments about my first baby, TRUE BLUE FOREVER.

Watch for a timely and quite topical post about it this week on my own blog, "Blue Attitude," at http://joycescarbrough.blogspot.com

The Belle in Blue said...
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The Belle in Blue said...

BTW, the ISBN and cover Joyce has featured is actually for the out-of-print edition of TRUE BLUE FOREVER. For the new Large Print edition (that features a really hunky baseball player with legs to die for on the cover!) go here

Joyce Anthony said...

Thanks for all the comments, folks :-) I do like to approach reviews uniquely-especially when the book is one of a kind like this one :-)

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