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Talented man, don't you think? I've known Marvin for a few years now and he never ceases to amaze me with his multi-faceted personality.

Marvin D. Wilson is the author of three published books, I Romanced the Stone (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie), Owen Fiddler, and Between the Storm and the Rainbow. Owen Fiddler has been awarded the prestigious AVATAR award for excellence in spiritual books. Wilson has had articles published in several Ezines, and has been interviewed on hundreds of blogs, radio and TV shows, both over the internet and on the airwaves. A prolific blogger, his internationally popular blog, Free Spirit, was voted first place in the 2008 Book Blogger Appreciation Week award contest, in the Christian/Inspirational Fiction category. His other blog, Tie Dyed Tirades, is also growing in global popularity.

Wilson is a family man, married for thirty-three years, with three adult children and six grandchildren. He has been around the block of life several times, through the ups and downs, and has survived in good enough spirits to desire to write about life, to write about living life on purpose. Wilson is a self-described “non-religious, dogma-free, Maverick spiritualist Christian.” He writes books that deliver spiritual and inspirational messages in an engaging, thought provoking, often times humorous, more than often irreverent, sometimes sexy and even ribald way, through the spinning of an entertaining tale.

Marvin D Wilson is an editor with All Things That Matter Press and also does freelance editing.

Contact Information:

E-mail: marvwilson2010@gmail.com

Primary Blog: http://inspiritandtruths.blogspot.com/

Secondary Blog: http://tiedyedtirades.blogspot.com/

Twitter page: http://twitter.com/Paize_Fiddler

For a chance to get to know Marvin Wilson better, please come back on Wednesday to read an interview with him :-)

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop in and say "Thanks!" for the feature post, Joyce. And wow - I hadn't watched that video clip in a looooooong time. Brought back some memories. :)

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

orcalover said...

Marv is indeed a very good writer and thankfully, a friend. I try to follow his blog daily. Adam Atom is a weekly feature that I keep a close eye on. I'm looking forward to the interview because I know how you interview and the old silly should make a great candidate.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I'll be back!

L. Diane Wolfe

Philip F. Harris said...

Marvin rocks. He is a great writer and very compassionate about his work and life. He always has something funny, serious, and thought provoking to say. read his books and discover a totally new slant on life.

Nancy Famolari said...

Enjoyed the blog entry. The video was particularly exciting. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to look at Marv's books!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all the kind words, Orcalover, All Things, and Nancy. :)

And Diane (everybody really) yes - make sure and catch the interview on Wednesday - Joyce is one of the best interviewers in Bloggydom, always comes up with questions that make an author dig deep for answers, and the Q & A turned out as one of the best of the best, my opinion.

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

Anonymous said...

In the past month, I feel as if I've become friends with Marvin although I haven't yet read his books. On May lst I joined the online group Blog Book Tours. There's a steep learning curve, especially for a technophobic author like me, but from the beginning, Marvin's been dropping in with encouraging comments and suggestions, making me feel at home.

Thanks, Marvin - you're one of the reasons I've hung in there with BBT. When it comes to spirituality, you're definitely walking the talk.

Julie Lomoe, Mystery Writer
Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso

Anonymous said...

Julie, we have definitely become friends, and you have done a GREAT job with the BlogBookTours post-per-day challenge. Thanks for stopping in and leaving such a nice comment. :)

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

Joyce Anthony said...

I always enjoy your visits, Marvin--thanks for the compliment on my questions :-) Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments everyone--I can see you all admire this man as much as I do !

Donna McDine said...

Hi: Great intro of Marvin. I look forward to getting to know him better in your next post. His following at his blog is astounding. Keep up the amazing work!


Karen Cioffi said...

Great video and music!

Marvin you sound like an interesting individual. It will be nice learning more about you and your writing.


Harry Gilleland said...

Great post, Joyce! Marvin certainly is an interesting man. I enjoyed learning more about him.
He sounds liks an 'Okay Dude' in my book.



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