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Glamour Girl Tour

It isn't often I get to hot children's books here but over the next couple of days I have a very specialgirl visiting--Glamour Girl.  “After traveling to and fro across outer space’s unknown, PleeDee discovers her world is similar to our own. When little girls live up to their potential wherever they are, they’ll shine brightly with confidence no matter how near or far.”

This book was written by Carlton Scott.  Carlton Scott has over fifteen years’ clinical experience as a traveling nurse (RN) with a specialty in critical care nursing and a focus on children’s health. He has worked with over 1000 children and teens in both mental health counseling and critical care nursing. Inspired by his desire to cheer up sick children, Scott has authored and illustrated three children’s books that teach kids the lessons of friendship, self-acceptance and adventure. As part of his commitment to supporting children’s health, he donates 50 percent of all profits from his books to children’s hospitals across the country.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing a guest post from Mr. Scott and later this week will be posting my review.  I think you will enjoy all that is to come!

For more information about this virtual book tour, please visit http://bookpromotionservices.com/2010/05/13/blog-tour-carlton-scotts-glamour-girl-from-the-stars/  You can learn more about this author and purchase his books at http://www.carltonsbooks.com/index.html .

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Unknown said...

Thank you once again, Joyce, for introducing a worthy author and all around good person. I will be looking forward to the tour.

S.K. Hamilton (Pee Wee)

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