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The Man Overboard by Darryl Hagar--A Review

The Man Overboard; Darryl Hagar; Trade Paperback; 590 pages; 6” x 9”;


"The man takes the drink then the drink takes the man." Add cocaine, more alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and sexual addiction to the mix, multiply by over twenty years and keep adding to the pot. Throw in anger and emotional pain and eventually you have one very mixed up human being who has not only hit bottom, but done so with full force.

In The Man Overboard, Darryl Hagar takes the reader with him as he descends further and further into a life filled with alcohol and drugs. Follow him as he risks family, friends, career and life. Mr. Hagar does not leave the reader there, however; he invites you to continue following him as he admits he can't stop the madness on his own and reaches out for help. Another battle has begun--that on the road to recovery, which is an inspiring battle as each day brings success.

I was drawn into this book from the beginning. Darryl Hagar writes with a flowing, no-nonsense style. He lays his soul open for the reader to see exactly what he put himself through and puts the blame nowhere else. After reading his story, you will never again have to ask yourself "What was he/she thinking?' because you will know exactly how the addicted mind reasons and justifies all the behavior. You will also see the pain when the addict knows he/she is powerless (or believes this is so) to change. Those who have been there will find themselves nodding their heads at the familiar thoughts and behaviors. Those who have an alcoholic or drug addict in their lives will gain a greater understanding of the thought processes that hold the addict tightly.

Darryl tells exactly what things he did, although he does so without foul language or details that are not necessary for understanding. Readers will find themselves gaining a new level of understanding. I was able to read Mr. Hagar's story objectively until I neared the end. The scene describing his third year anniversary of sobriety gripped my heart and brought tears of pride and joy as I could literally feel the emotion in his words.

This is one book I will continue to recommend for years to come. Parents, high school and college students, counselors, and addicts themselves will all benefit from the words within the covers of The Man Overboard.

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Unknown said...

Just from what I've read here, I would love the chance to do a review on this book. I've written several and if I could, I would be very happy to do this.

This looks to be a book that should be required reading.

Donna Sundblad said...

Hi Unwriter,

I can arrange a review. Contact me at virtualblogtours@yahoo.com.

Donna Sundblad
Blog Tour Coordinator

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