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Temples of Light--A Review


Last week, I shared with you information from The Temples of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman. If you recall, Temples of Light, is being offered, along with $3000 in bonus gifts. Please visit www.thetemplesoflight.com/promotion and then click on the “order” link, order the book on Amazon and return to the promotional page. Enter your name and email address to reach the bonus page.

In the words of Danielle Rama Hoffman, in the introduction to Temples of Light:

"These heart teachings are in response to questions you have been asking throughout time and space about the mystery—about who you are and why you are here. They provide guidance regarding your relationship to the Divine and ways of manifesting greater happiness, health, abundance, and love in your life."

Temples of Light
is so much more than a mere book--it is a journey. Ms. Hoffman takes your hand gently and guides you throughout this journey. As you visit each of the sacred temples along the journey, you first learn what each stands for. Then, using guided meditation, writing exercises and the power of your mind, you are present at each temple.

As I followed along this path she laid out, I could feel an internal truth unfolding. Your soul will cling to the words tightly, feeling that it has at last found the path for which it has searched an eternity. Each person will find the journey personally designed for them as Danielle Rama Hoffman guides but does not demand; she leads but encourages individual exploration.

This book is not one you can read through once and set aside. It is meant to be experienced one chapter at a time, allowing the power of the words to seep deep within. Taking this time to savor the journey will allow you to join with a force that can only be described as Life--for you feel yourself acknowledging your connection with all that lives.

I can't give this book a rating on my Rainbow Scale, for it surpasses the seven colors--it is all colors. To experience this wondrous journey for yourself, please visit http://www.thetemplesoflight.com/promotion/

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The Story Behind Hard by Jamieson Wolf

I was going to post an excerpt from Hard today, but Jamieson was kind enough to provide the story behind this story--and I know many of you, like me, love to hear how a story came about. Enjoy!

Behind the Story – The True Life Story of Hard

My new novella, HARD, is actually based off of a true story.

When I was a randy young lad, I did indeed look at pornography magazines with my male chums. Name one guy that doesn’t when he’s younger (never mind when he’s older). But I always found myself looking at the guys in porno magazines.

I knew at a fairly young age that I was gay. I was brought around to this realization with a little help from my best friend at the time, a young man I will call Jason (that’s not his real name, in case you were wondering).

As young men are wont to do, we did explore each others bodies. We even pressed our crotches together, much like Owen and Daniel in HARD. But the true-life story ended much more horribly than the novel I wrote.

One afternoon, while Jason and I engaged in what could loosely be called an extra curricular activity, I got hard. Even worse, I got hard while we were rubbing crotches together.

I remember the look on Jason’s face when he realized I was hard. And the way the look deepened when he realized it was not the pornography magazines that were making me hard; it was him.

“Your hard.” He said. There was a note of accusation in his voice.

”No I’m not.” But he knew that wasn’t true. So did I.

The damage was done. Jason and I kind of drifted apart. We no longer hung out after school, we no longer talked. But I would see him from time to time in the hallways of our high school. Each time I saw him, I got a feeling that made me warm inside and slightly sad at the same time.

Years later, I realized that I was more than likely in love with Jason at the time. But I didn’t really know what love was. Heck, I didn’t even know what being gay was, not really. I just knew I was different; I just didn’t know how different.

When I sat down to write HARD, I had only one thought in my mind: what would have happened if my own story had gotten a happy ending? What would have happened if things had gone differently?

And the story of HARD was born.

While I was writing it, it was impossible not to think of Jason. I think of him every now and again and wonder what ever happened to him. He was the first boy I ever loved but, thankfully, not the last.

I can only hope that he’s found happiness as I have; and that he thinks of me every once in a while not with shame, but with pleasure.

You can read HARD to find out if Owen and Daniel get a happy ending. Get your copy from the lovely folks over at Breathless Press right here: www.breathlesspress.com



Jamieson Wolf
Words that satisfy every need…

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A Fun Break

I promised everyone a little fun today, so here it is....

Click to Mix and Solve

Click on the picture above to scatter the pieces, then enjoy!

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Hard by Jamieson Wolf--A Review and More

Best friends share many things, but sometimes feel the need to keep a secret. What happens when it turns out both have the same secret--and it is revealed? Sometimes, you end up with more than you ever dreamed.

Jamieson Wolf writes in a variety of genres, but his m/m erotic is some of his best work. This story is no exception. In down-to-Earth language (translation--intended for adults) Jamieson once again has created a story that arouses passion in both the gay and straight reader.

His language may be blunt, but the feeling of passion is clear and you walk away with the same feeling you have upon reading a sweet romance--that of wonder that true love can and does happen. I have never read any other author that can effectively combine these two emotions.

This is for all those who remember the feeling of first love becoming reality. This is not one to read while you are alone!

Hard is being released on December 11 from Breathless Press

In the meantime,why not check out the Hard Blog ? It has tons of free stuff including a free soundtrack to the novel, a free ebook, a free podcast and more!

You can watch the book trailer here

Come back tomorrow, when I will have a fun surprise for everyone--something to give you a much-needed break in the middle of your day!

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An Excerpt from The Temples of Light--and a special video

Yesterday, I introduced you to the book, The Temples of Light. Yoday, I wanted to share with you a small portion of what this book has to offer. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy...and don't forget to watch the video that follows, it is breathtaking! Tomorrow, I will be sharing yet more from this book. Please come back and check it out!
Cosmic Oneness

The Great Pyramid is an initiation chamber that provides access to the unified consciousness that is within you. Entering into the Great Pyramid activates the universal truths of unity consciousness: as above, so below; everything in the universe is made of the same matter; you are eternal; you are source energy; and the law of attraction—like attracts like. These are all aspects of oneness consciousness. It is whole consciousness and inherent within it reside the sacred truths of the universe. Within the sacred truths of the universe are the divine qualities such as abundance, truth, harmony, love, and joy.

Breathing Exercise

Breathe with the Pyramid

Breathe deeply and connect to the consciousness that resides within the Great Pyramid. Do not focus on a specific location within the structure but on an energetic seed of consciousness within the pyramid. As you read these words connect more deeply to the seed of consciousness that resides within the Great Pyramid. Move into a place of receptivity. Breathe in through the back of your shoulders and into your heart. Give yourself permission to receive, remember, and accelerate your evolution.

The Great Pyramid assists you in rediscovering the innate knowledge that you are whole, abundant, and one with all there is. Oneness wisdom—unity consciousness—is beyond the perceived limitations of separation consciousness. In the Great Pyramid initiation you reconnect to this unified consciousness.

Take a few moments to breathe with the pyramid. Focus on this seed of oneness consciousness that exists within the pyramid. Spend a few minutes connecting to it.

Unity Consciousness

Unity consciousness pulses through the Great Pyramid...As you enter into the Great Pyramid there is only oneness, only unity; your being remembers fully this oneness nature, this oneness wisdom.

The benefits are profound and can range from restoring physical well-being and your connection to yourself, to all there is. At the pyramid you can remember that you are a star; that you are divine. In the pyramid you can unify with the abundance of all there is, in the consciousness of truth, love, joy, and ecstasy.

Yet you receive much more through connecting to oneness wisdom than these surface outcomes or benefits; you receive the full restoration that comes from being plugged back in completely to source. Not as spirit in form, but as pure source. You are not spirit in matter, for matter is spirit. There is no separation at all. Your body and totality are source energy.

As you walk into the Great Pyramid you ignite and all of you remembers that you are source. It is encoded within you that you are one with your source; not a vessel of your source, not reaching for your source, but source itself. All of you is source.

As you expand into this bubble of source, held in this knowledge that you are source, your gifts and talents are switched on and become accessible. You remember how powerful you are. Source hums in the wholeness of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, mind, and body…

Temples of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman, is being offered, along with $3000 in bonus gifts, beginning on December 8th at 12:01 am. We invite you to visit - www.thetemplesoflight.com/promotion and then click on the “order” link, order the book on Amazon and return to the promotional page. Enter your name and email address to reach the bonus page. The bonuses are not available until December 8th.

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The Temples of Light -- Egypt's Enlightenment


From my earliest memories, Egypt has held my fascination. This being the case, I was naturally interested in The Temples of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman.

The Temples of Light is a guide to the open-heart wisdom and secret rites of passage of thirteen sacred temples in Egypt

• Provides information on how to thrive as we move from the Piscean to the Aquarian age

• Offers guided meditations and rituals that connect to the ancient power of the Flower of Life, the Djed Pillar, the Ka, the energy body, and more

• Includes a 60-minute CD of a guided journey to the Sphinx and to The Temples of Light

The Temples of Light guides the reader, as the initiate, on a spiritual journey through thirteen of Egypt’s sacred temples--a journey into the sanctuary of the open heart. Each sacred site is a portal to ancient wisdom that can assist the modern-day pilgrim with everyday life issues and struggles--love, purpose, money, and health--and the deeper questions of enlightenment and our divine origin.

Danielle Rama Hoffman opens up sacred rites of passage that historically have been kept secret to forge a relationship with the temples of Egypt as allies and spirit guides. For example, the temple of Sakkara is associated with abundance; the temple of Abydos with remembering. The initiations in this book awaken intuition and the Sahu--the fully realized self--allowing connections to the power, magic, and wisdom of such sacred symbols as the Flower of Life, the Djed Pillar (the backbone of Osiris), the Ka, and the energy body. Hoffman’s guided meditations, rituals, and exercises also raise the reader’s vibration level, as we move from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. Embodying the wisdom of the open heart of these temples imparts a shift in consciousness from fear to bliss, from powerlessness to empowerment, opening the body, mind, and spirit to the infinite possibilities within. The book also includes a 60-minute CD of a guided journey of the Sphinx

Here is a breakdown of the information included:

1. Memphis—Empowerment

Offers the opportunity to move from any feelings of disempowerment to empowerment, by engaging your power as a creator being and awakening your ability to access higher realms of consciousness, directly without an intercessor. Includes a spoken and written exercise to facilitate acceptance and forgiveness of your life up to this point.

2. Sakkara—Sacred Symbology

Ignites your birthright of unlimited abundance and provides exercises to increase your prosperity and your level of fulfillment in life (helps overcome addictions, feelings of scarcity and emptiness). Also awakens your gift of Symbology, your intuition and your ability to understand the synchronicities and symbols in your life (overcomes feelings of confusion and overwhelm).

3. Abydos—Fully Engage into Life

Works with the sacred geometry of the ancient symbol of the Flower of Life to alleviate any sense of apathy, confusion, hopelessness, depression, or not wanting to be incarnate. This allows you to become accustomed to aligning your body with higher frequencies of consciousness, which is part of the Shift in consciousness from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.

4. The Sphinx—Infinity Download

The CD that comes with this book includes a guided journey to the Sphinx, which works with movement, sacred postures, written exercises and guided imagery to assist you in unlocking a blueprint/download to draw to you certain experiences, people, and places that are in alignment with your essence and life purpose. Elicits a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here, your purpose.

5. The Great Pyramid—Cosmic Oneness

Taps into the universal principles that comprise the essence of becoming the open heart: “as above, so below;” “as within, so without;” and the law of attraction and eternal life. From a spiritual perspective, becoming the open heart is aligning with unity consciousness as a divine being.

6. Philae—Divine Love

Works with Isis, the Egyptian goddess of divine love to connect to the high frequency energy of pure love consciousness. Awakens and harmonizes your body, mind and spirit so they work together as one unit.

7.. Kom Ombo—Neutral Energy

Restores the optimal functioning of your body and health while enhancing feelings of self-love, by merging the polarity of positive and negative into a neutral field of oneness. Includes a daily practice for living from the open heart and emotional freedom.

8. Dendera—Instinctual Bliss

Shifts your default pattern from fear, survival and obligation to joy and instinctual bliss—that innate aspect of you that is blissful. As you operate from a state of bliss and joy and automatically align your life with that which brings you more joy, you are able to manifest your heart’s desires because you are in such a heightened state of consciousness and vibration.

9. Elephantine Island—Soul Evolution

Completes your negative thoughts and repetitive thinking patterns. Reconnects your root to your source. The consciousness of Elephantine Island assists your soul in completing incomplete patterns from not only this lifetime, but also from past lives.

10. Karnak—Inner Resonance

Connects to your signature energy, your soul’s purpose. Offers the experience of complete self-acceptance and inner resonance. You unify and become harmonious with all of who you are.

11. Abu Simbel—Divine Mind

Provides access to the divine, unified mind and is a key to your evolution as a heart-mind being. Connect to your sahu, one of the five Egyptian bodies. The radiant sahu is the awakened, activated, enlightened self that is already a part of you.

12. Luxor Temple—Osiris Awakened

Transcends the deeply ingrained habits of being asleep and unconscious. Awakens your multidimensionality and the parts of you that are sleeping. Activate divinity codes and turn on your inner light, express your brilliance.

13. St. Catherine’s Star Gate—Rhythmic Peace

Engages the ability to be at peace regardless of outside circumstances. St. Catherine’s also offers the ability to live from your heart. Deep within your heart exists a portal through which unlimited peace is available.

14. The Living Temple—Conscious Choice

Discusses the concept that there is much to be experienced, learned, and gained from living from the heart. Engages your free will to make a conscious choice to live from the heart and unity consciousness or not.

The CD Included with This Book—Selected Initiations from The Temples of Light—includes a welcome and introduction to the CD, a recording of the first initiation in the book, “Journey to the Temples of Light—Joining Heaven and Earth,” and a recording of the second Sphinx initiation from chapter 4, “Journey to the Sphinx—Infinity Download.”

Danielle Rama Hoffman is a spiritual teacher, author, energy intuitive and ancient wisdom keeper. Her passion is to transmit innovative and ancient wisdoms that inspire personal growth and elevate consciousness. Her areas of expertise include moving into and living from the Aquarian age of the open heart, initiatory rites and passages from ancient Egypt and manifesting health, wealth and happiness.

Danielle is a conduit of infinite intelligence and divine transmissions that create a quantum field of
infinite possibility. Since 1994 she has shared her expertise in the areas of metaphysics, the healing arts, energy medicine, massage therapy, counseling and the Egyptian Mysteries to assist 1000’s of people to enhance their quality of life. Danielle provides high vibrational wisdom and cutting edge practical tools that uplift consciousness and inspire you to lead your best life.


2001 Member of a Lineage of Thoth
2000 Certified Alchemical Healing Practitioner/Teacher through Nicki Scully
1999 Kundalini Yoga Instructor
1998 Flower Remedy Practitioner
1996 Reiki Master
1994 Massage Therapist
1991 BA in Pyschology & Women’s Studies/Counseling Practice

Temples of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman, is being offered, along with $3000 in bonus gifts, beginning on December 8th at 12:01 am. We invite you to visit - www.thetemplesoflight.com/promotion and then click on the “order” link, order the book on Amazon and return to the promotional page. Enter your name and email address to reach the bonus page. The bonuses are not available until December 8th.
Please come back over the next few days as I share excerpts from this book, as well as pictures and a special video.
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