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The Full Moon Bride by Shobhan Bantwal -- A Review

Shobhan Bantwal has graced the literary community with yet another work that shows the art of writing is still alive and well.  The Full Moon Bride has readers delving into two very different worlds--that of modern day America and old time India tradition.  I have yet to find an author who can blend two worlds so successfully.

A successful lawyer, Surya hears the clock ticking as she slides past thirty.  While her career is a success, her personal life leaves much to be desired.  Maybe her answer to love lie in the old traditions of India. Giving in to her parents' wishes that she participate in the traditional bride viewings, Surya fights within her soul, questioning all she knows from an American way of life and comparing it to the tried and true traditions of her parents.  Which way is "best"-- or can the only true answer come from within Surya herself?

Shobhan Bantwal takes the art of ethnic writing and applies it in a way that appeals to any woman who has ever felt the pull addition and the modern world.  Her characters come alive within the book and you feel as though you are helping your best friend through a crisis, or you must make the decisions.  It takes a true artist to be able to maintain an ethnic view and still reach the world as a whole.  Having read her previous books, I can say a fine writer has been consistently evolving and has become phenomenal. 

After reading The Full Moon Bride  you will want to go back and read Ms. Bantwal's previous books.  Her writing speaks to the softer side of women everywhere, from every culture.  You will immediately understand where her characters are in life and how they feel, not because the author tells you, but because you have been there.  The details may differ, but the basics are universal.

You can read an excerpt of The Full Moon Bride, as well as excerpts from her past works, at Shobhan's website .  I suggest you put aside a couple of hours when visiting, as you will find yourself unwilling to stop reading once you start. 

The Full Moon Bride earns six colors on the Rainbow Scale.
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Shobhan Bantwal said...

Thanks once again for the kind support and the great review.

Shobhan Bantwal
author of The Full Moon Bride

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