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Carlton Scott Tells Why He Wrote Glamour Girl

Why I Wrote This Book?

One night while I was watching the Miss Universe Pageant with my wife Annie, I felt terribly saddened that no girls from other planets were invited to this cosmic event... I thought the title was a bit misleading…That was the spark that inspired me to write Glamour Girl From The Stars on 8/8/08. After completing my artwork a few months ago, I finally published my third children’s book in May with great excitement.

Although I don’t have children of my own, I chose to write about self esteem for little girls because of hundreds of experiences I’ve had working with girls of all ages as a mental health counselor and traveling nurse. From infants, children, and older teens, I have given 110% of my time and effort caring for kids who’ve suffered from abuse, self mutilating behavior, and attempts at suicide. I’m amazed at the myriad eating disorders young girls can choose from and the teasing and grudges they can project at one another. I think little girls should be encouraged to be physically active from an early age so they won’t have to worry so much about dieting. They should feel comfortable in their own skin when they look in the mirror, no matter how they look.

After working in five children’s hospitals as a traveling nurse and cheering up sick kids with my books, I hope families with young children will join me in my goal to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS for the Children’s Miracle Network and their nearly two hundred children’s hospitals by ordering my 3 book set from my website: www.carltonsbooks.com.

Carlton Scott RN

For more information about this virtual book tour, please visit http://bookpromotionservices.com/2010/05/13/blog-tour-carlton-scotts-glamour-girl-from-the-stars/  You can learn more about this author and purchase his books at http://www.carltonsbooks.com/index.html   .

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Unknown said...

Certainly a worthy cause for promoting "glamour Girl", Mr Scott.
I commend you.

S.K. Hamilton

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