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Book Review: Keeping the Wolves at Bay (Media Training)

Jonathan Bernstein is one of the most experienced crisis management professionals.  He has shared the most important concepts of dealing with media interviews during times of crisis in Keeping the Wolves at Bay:  Media Training.

This is a fairly short book, but it contains a great deal of information.  Mr. Bernstein covers every part of the interview process from preparing in advance to follow up.  He has included information from the reporter's point of view to help readers understand why a certain approach is necessary and he gives information on how to deal with the various approaches that may be used. 

I had expected a rather dry book, considering the subject matter, but was pleasantly surprised.  The book is set up with quotes, examples and many bulleted lists that help hold a reader's interest.  The author used only the words needed to get his points across and doesn't include any "fluff".  He doesn't make false promises that the reader will be an expert interview subject, but does say that being prepared will make you better.  His honesty is a welcome element in a business that is often full of hype that declares whatever method discussed  perfect.  The author's willingness t6o avoid false promises further leads me to trust his advice and want to put it into practice.

While the advice in this book is focused on crisis interviews, the information can be equally valuable to anyone who is in a position where interview skills are necessary.  I would have loved to have had this book available a couple of years ago --  and plan to keep it readily available for the future. The "cheat sheet" included is priceless for last-minute brush-up.   This is a must have resource for all who deal with the media.

Keeping the Wolves at Bay:  Media Training rates five colors on the Rainbow Scale.


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