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Apocalypse 2012; What does the Bible Say? -- A review

Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock (What does the Bible say?)

Written by John Claeys

ISBN 978-1-935265-16-0

Published by VMI Publishers


Predictions have always been plentiful, but few are as much so as the coming changes in 2012.  Nearly every person you meet has an opinion and the predictions go back centuries, to the ancient Aztecs, Nostradamus and a host of others.  There is little, however, to tell us what the Bible has to say about 2012.  John Claeys saw this lack of information and used his many years of Bible study to find out.  The conclusion of his studying is within Apocalypse 2012.

I must admit I was very curious to see what John Claeys had to say.  I started this book with curiosity -- mixed with a good dose of scepticism.  I am familiar with the book of Revelations, but not well-versed on the Bible in general.  I was hoping this wasn't another "Repent now for the end is near" book, lacking anything of substance to back up the statement.  I was barely through the first chapter when I realized John Claeys was a man who knew his subject, and was willing to explain exactly where his thoughts came from.

Mr. Claeys writes in a style that keeps you interested.  His explanations include much cross-referencing and details, such as the differences in meaning a word can have in the original Greek the Bible was written in.  He guides you on a journey that takes all the "loose ends" in the Bible together, creating a picture that is understandable and actually makes sense.  I had many "Now that makes sense!" moments as I read.  Unlike many authors who write on the Bible, the author does not just skim over the parts that don't "fit".  At one point, he even states that a point may seem contradictory.  He then goes on to explain why it isn't as it first seemed.

References to outside sources abound in this book.  It is not simply "The Bible according to John Claeys". Apocalypse 2012 is thoroughly researched.  An extensive Bibliography section is included for further study and End notes allow for deeper understanding of the material.  The author ties the material into current events, illustrating why he has come to the conclusion in the book.  What is that conclusion?  You will have to see that for yourself.  I can say that by the time you reach it, you will understand exactly how and why Mr. Claeys arrived at it.

As I was visiting John's website I noticed mention of the possibility of another book.  I look forward to reading any further books that should be published.  It is a rare thing for a religious book to make so much sense to me.  I normally put them down with more questions than I started out with; it was refreshing to feel the inner workings of my mind take hold of the words within this book and actually feel I was being challenged to explore and learn. 

I can honestly say I have absolutely no complaints about this book.  For anyone looking for answers on what the Bible says about 2012, or for anyone simply looking for yet another angle they may not have explored, I strongly suggest you give Apocalypse 2012 a try. Once you do, I'd love to have you return here and let me know what you think.

Apocalypse 2012 rates six colors on the Rainbow Scale.

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