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Shobhan Bantwal Writes on Mothers and Sons

Last week I shared some videos with you that introduced you to Shobhan Bantwal, whose latest book, The Unexpected Son, will be reviewed tomorrow.  Today, however, I would like to share with you a very special guest post from Ms. Bantwal.  I'm sure she'd love to hear your comments!

Mothers and Sons

By Shobhan Bantwal - Author of The Unexpected Son

While practically every mother-child relationship is a bond based on unconditional love, there is something about mothers and sons that goes beyond the typical parent-child relationship. It is an instinct that goes back millions of years, when mothers considered it their sacred duty to raise strong, healthy sons who would be the salt of the earth and perpetuate the human race. To this day, mothers tend to act on that same primitive instinct.

Fathers and daughters sometimes have that rare connection that makes fathers go a little crazy when they perceive their little darlings are in danger. Macho male impulse can make a man easily go out to do battle to protect his daughter in some instances. But men are generally not as emotional as women, because their actions are ruled more by the head than the heart.

On the other hand, women often take the role of parenting to a level that can defy logic, especially when it comes to sons. This is even more apparent in Asian cultures like India, where sons are expected to take care of their parents when they grow up, while daughters are considered burdens, offspring that will someday marry and leave home. A son is expected to stay with his parents forever and shoulder the responsibilities of family, home, and fortune.

As a result, a son is viewed as a precious commodity to be nurtured like an exotic seedling which will eventually grow into a sturdy tree, produce wholesome fruit, and protect the clan. He is a source of comfort and strength, the one who will carry on the family name—an insurance policy of sorts. No wonder Indian women are so dedicated to their male children.

In my latest book, THE UNEXPECTED SON, a contented Indian-American woman wakes up one morning to a shocking truth: she has a grown son in India, a child she was told was stillborn 30 years ago. He is now seriously ill. Revealing her closely-guarded secret that could ruin her marriage and family. Nonetheless she is compelled to return to India to meet her unknown son, perhaps even save him.

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