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How to Sue a Telemarketer by Stephen L. Ostrow -- A Review

Usually, I'd give a brief description of what a book is about, but this title is EXACTLY what this book covers :-)  I like it when authors make my task easier :-)  What the title doesn't tell you is the wealth of information packed within this short (under 150 pages) manual --information that walks you step-by-step through the process!

I have never read anything that so clearly explained the telemarketing laws.  Mr. Ostrow not only explains them, but includes sample conversations you can have with telemarketers--and an entire trial brief.  He has done the legwork and includes the cases that are relevant to telemarketing and shows how to apply this knowledge. 

Pretty dry reading, huh?  Not in the least!  The author's sense of humor is evident on each and every page and his pen and ink cartoons are liberally scattered throughout the pages.  His use of bold type for the most important points (such as websites) and his chapter checklists all come together to make the material even more understandable.  Knowing that Steve Ostrow has over thirty years experience as a lawyer helped add to his credibility for me.

I can't find anything about this book I would change, whether it was to add or leave out.  The information included is all applicable and it is complete.  The language used takes into account most of us readers to not hold law degrees, yet it is not over-simplified.  I do wonder if Mr. Ostrow would consider a companion book that discusses dealing with debt collectors? 

How to Sue a Telemarketer rates a solid six colors on the Rainbow Scale.

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