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Fear to Freedom by Rosemary Trible -- A Review

Fear to Freedom
by:  Rosemary Trible
Published by:  VMI Publishers 2009
ISBN  978-1-935265-09-2

To the outside world, Rosemary Trible had it all.  She grew up in a loving family, her marriage was full of mutual love and caring and her husband was a rising star in the political arena, so money was never an issue.  Rosemary had something, however, that others could not see, or even guess--a deep fear within  caused by a horrifying rape at gunpoint.  Fear to Freedom is the story of how Rosemary Trible came to find even more within in herself than she realized--faith and strength that allowed her to reach out and embrace God's healing.  Once she gained the courage to forgive, her fear was released and she found it her mission to reach out to other women who faced daily fear, teaching them to find that faith in God and the strength within.

This book is very much about allowing God to heal your fears, yet it does not preach to the reader.  You feel the author's faith on every page, yet she speaks of God in the casual manner she would speak of an old friend who has been with one since childhood.  She does not pretend that healing is easy, even with God.  She shares stories of women she has counseled and shows how they struggled and eventually triumphed.  All this is done without judgment.  You do not get the feeling she is looking for someone to say how special she is for her work, she simply relates what is in a simple, down-to-earth style. 

The pictures included caused me a bit of concern.  I believe the author's intent was to show that fear can find its way into even the most seemingly charmed life.  Yet, it is possible that some readers may mis-interpret this intent and feel that she overcame because she had so many powerful people in her life.  The pictures may make it difficult for some readers to relate to the author on an emotional level.  If the reader, however, gives the book  a chance, they will find it quite easy to relate.  Rosemary Trible shows without a doubt that fear knows no boundaries in regards to economic status, skin color, or religion. 

The end of the book contains devotionals for each chapter.  These allow the reader to stop and reflect.  It enables them to apply what is conveyed to their own life and situations.  I found the devotionals extremely helpful and thought-provoking.  I'd like to see them published in a stand-alone book.  I can see this book being read not only by individuals, but also as part of healing groups, both within and outside the church. This is not only the author's story, it is the story of every woman who has found herself violated and in fear, in whatever way.

Fear to Freedom rates five colors on the Rainbow Scale.

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