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A Peek Inside The Zombie Cookbook

I thought everyone might be interested in seeing the selection of stories/recipes within this unique book.

General Synopsis:

Cooking With Zombies Has Never Been Easier or More Fun!
Eleven poems, recipes and stories to entertain you and help you entertain with zombies from writers who know. Romance and revenge, the Wild West and a wild train ride, exterminator tips and zombie tirades. Come, see how the other half lives...or doesn't.

Story Synopses:

A Hard Message to Deliver by The Zombie Cookbook (the band): Who would have known writing an introduction would be so dangerous?

Wokking Dead by Karina L. Fabian: It's war and love when zombies invade a Korean restaurant.

Secret Ingredient by Lisa Haselton: There's a zombie in the kitchen! That may be the case, but when spaghetti-eating zombie Clete takes a job as the assistant chef at the L-Double-J ranch, he's not the one you need to watch out for. It's a tale of catering and culinary revenge. Would you have added the secret ingredient?

A Zombie Named Clete by Lisa Haselton: A little poem in honor of the twice-deceased Clete. Was this on his tombstone, or did he carry a copy in his pocket?

Beer-Battered Zombie with Butternut Squash by Becca Butcher: What's a cookbook without a recipe? Not for the faint of stomach, though with a few substitutions, it might actually make a good meal. (Not everyone's a fan of squash, after all.)

The Right Recipe By Lin Neiswender: Zombie culinary aficionados had better watch out! The zombies are not pleased to be eaten, as the editor of the Zombie Cookbookery Publications discovers in this tale of turnabout-is-fair-play.

Quick & Easy Zombie Pastie by Kate Sender: A no frills, four-ingredient full course meal will satisfy both your Zombie's cravings and nutritional needs.

Express Cuisine by Dawn Marshallsay: Zombie attack on a speeding train--is there really any escape? Fight, hide, jump--none of it can stop you from becoming...Express Cuisine.

Brain Food by Carla Girtman: Ah, domestic zombie bliss! It's the Undead Cleavers mixed in with a little Arsenic and Old Lace. Can't tell you much about this story except that the ending will surprise you as much as it did Thelma!

Brain Salad for Dummies by Scott Virtes: The practical guide for that zombie invasion. Your own little zombie poison recipe, combined with practical advice. As Scott says--Follow his advice and you might get enough sleep at night to stay two steps ahead.

A Zombie's APB by Cinsearae Santiago: A zombie decides to give a "Hear ye, hear ye!" to the human race after getting fed up with the lack of "good food" these days. All he wants is some good, organic humans--is that too much to ask?

My Big Fat Zombie Wedding by Karina Fabian: So what if he's undead? That won't keep Vida from marrying her true love--and neither will challenges from prejudice to unusual dietary needs stop the wedding of the decade!

Quite a selection, isn't it? Tomorrow I will answer the question I know many of you are asking--Who writes a zombie Cookbook? We'll meet the authors, so plan on stopping by and giving them a shout!


If you are ready to grab your copy now, you can get it here

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Unknown said...

You covered the tales nicely. I'm glad to see you give all the authors credit. It's a very good book and you did it justice. I'm looking forward to the next installment of this.

Karina Fabian said...

Thanks for posting this Joyce! Is your dog better?

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