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The Fearless Factor -- A Review (and a Challenge)

Fear is something we all know. Think back over your life and consider how many times you have been told to "just get over it". Those who have fear can't do this. It isn't something you consciously choose. You can, however, consciously choose to work through that fear and release it once and for all.

Jacqueline Wales has known fear. As you read her words, you can feel that she knows where you are and how difficult it is to find a way out. As only someone who has been there can, she takes you through the process of understanding your fear--and letting it go.

Her method is practical and easily managed by anyone. She speaks in a manner that is both simple, yet not condescending. You will come away from this book feeling as though someone understand you and your fear completely. She empathizes, but in no way coddles the reader. It is clear from the start that she believes in the human spirit and its ability to overcome whatever has come before. She also believes that each individual must choose to face their fears and be willing to let go.

I wish I had been able to read this book years ago. My journey would have been much easier. I would recommend this book to everyone. It is one that every person can find meaning in. The Fear Factor exists within every being. Jacqueline Wales believes you have the strength to replace it with The Fearless Factor. Having been at that place of fear myself, I can say the advice in this book is right on the spot.

The Fearless Factor rates six colors on the Rainbow Scale.

Now for my challenge. I believe this book can help many people. Over the next three months, I invite people to purchase this book and work through it. Come back here and post your experience. Tell us where you were when you started and how this book has changed things for you. On January 31, 2010, two winners will be chosen. You will have your choice of a Be Fearless t-shirt or a $25.00 Walmart giftcard.

For more information on Jacqueline and this book, visit The Fearless Factor .


FearlessFactor said...

You are amazing. I am so happy to read your review and delighted you've thrown out a challenge. I posted it all over the place today and hope people take you up on it. For the lucky winner in January, I'll also throw in a 30 minute consultation with me. All they need do is answer the question: What is your biggest challenge right now in business or life, and if you could get help on it, what would you love help on?

Many thanks for all your support.

Joyce Anthony said...

Thanks for passing this on, Jacqueline--and for adding to the prize!! Your book is definitely a keeper!!

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