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Cafe Tempest by Barbara Bonfigli - A Review

Café Tempest: Adventures on a Small Greek Island A Fictional Memoir

Barbara Bonfigli

hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9816453-1-5$24.95 US ($31.95 Canada)
paperback ISBN: 978-0-9816453-2-2$16.95 US ($21.95 Canada)
312 pages 28 illustrations, 7 recipes
***Paperback edition includes readers' group discussion questions at the end of the book.

Some people experience so much excitement in their lives that a memoir is the perfect way to share those experiences. For most of us, however, the day to day things that life puts on our path don't make for exciting reading. Barbara Bonfigli found a way around this by writing a fictional memoir. Combining her great knowledge of Greece with a spunky character, she created a book that will please both readers of memoirs and readers of fiction.

Sarah arrives in Greece ready to enjoy what she hopes is the best time in her life. She meets handsome Theo and the fun really begins. Theo wants Sarah to direct the town's summer play and she jumps right in--finding herself in a comedy that would rival the best. With the help of a cast of supporting characters, The Tempest finally comes together--although you will wonder how it ever was managed!

Comedy is difficult to write and is an art that can't be taught. Barbara Bonfigli had the fortune of being born with the right genes. I found myself laughing out loud often as I read. Barbara drew me into this story so deeply I was almost surprised when I took a break from reading not to see sparkling blue water surrounding me. The characters were real people, not perfect creations that led perfect lives, but ones with quirks, weaknesses and all the normal maladies that plague the real world. You will forget that each is only a creation of the author's mind.

I look forward to reading more of Ms. Bonfigli's writing. She has an easy, conversational writing style that flows naturally and a sense of humor that is able to see the fun that is woven into every aspect of life. This is a book that book clubs and reading groups would love to explore. For the rest of us, I'd suggest grabbing your beach towel and a cool drink as you read--you'll feel like you are right there in Pharos before you are finished.

Cafe Tempest earns a solid six colors on my rainbow scale of reading excellence.

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Nikki Leigh said...

Hi Joyce

Glad to see you enjoyed Cafe Tempest. Its the only trip to the beach I'm getting so far this year. A beach towel, some sunshine and a cold drink with a book to read - sounds good :)

Nikki Leigh

Barbara Bonfigli said...

Thank you for such a creative, incisive, and as far as ,I the author, am concerned magnificent review. You came to Pharos and settled in; I feel as though you're my neighbor. Come over for an ouzo any time.
Efharisto poli, barbara
p.s. if your readers visit my website they'll find an excerpt, a lot more information about author and book, and if a few days, the author video we've just completed. www.cafetempest.com

orcalover said...

Hmmm, Greek Ouzo is deadly. They can't export that stuff because they can't make bottles strong enough. (actually it has a higher alcohol content than allowed). But if you like licorice, Ouzo is the same thing in liquid form.

As for writing humor, that's easy. This book sounds like fun. Shakespeare in Greek.

Joyce Anthony said...

Thanks for the comments Nikki and Ron. I'm in the same boat Nikki--and the biggest feature here is the Lake. Barbara-I am honored to have had the opportunity to read such a wonderful book--I'll keep that invitation in mind :-)

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