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Barbara Bonfigli's Cafe Tempest - More than a Good Story

I have introduced you to Barbara Bonfigli and her debut novel Cafe Tempest: A Fictional Memoir. As I mentioned in my review, this is a wonderful story. There is, however, more than a story here. The book includes excellent illustrations by Roman artist Gaia Franchetti and chef Ana Espinosa re-created seven Greek recipes that will have your mouth watering before you are done.

One of my favorite is The Tempestini, which you can read about here . While visiting, don't forget to look around for a bit. Barbara has included an excerpt from the book, pictures from various events she's attended and much more. After exploring the site, you can pull up that beach towel or lounge chair I suggested in my last post-- and you can also quench your thirst as you enjoy your visit to Greece through Cafe Tempest.

To learn about Barbara Bonfigli and Café Tempest, feel free to visit any of these sites.

Order Café Tempest directly from the publisher -

or from Amazon

To see the complete tour schedule visit

Barbara Bonfigli’s website – www.cafetempest.com

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Barbara Bonfigli said...

Ok Joyce, you're a card carrying fan, and for your brilliant unswerving service to "Café Tempest" i hear by name you honorary Mayor of Pharos.
May the "Tempestini" adorn your beach picnics forever.
Thanks So much, efharisto POLI! barbara

Joyce Anthony said...

Thanks, Barbara :-) Sorry for the delay in answering--I've had house guests this week.

Unknown said...

What is Retsina? I know of ouso (however you spell it) and I know the Greek version is not exportable. I like licorice but in liquid form it packs a punch.

We were on vacation this week. It would have been a good time to try a Tempestini. This does look to be an interesting book.

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