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Talking with Sandy Sims--Author, Philosopher, Creative Genius

I don't impress easily -- in fact, it is almost impossible to impress me.  There have been a few times in my life, however, when someone crossed my path and totally earned my respect and admiration--and yes, impressed me.  I was fortunate enough to be allowed to review Mr. Sim's books and get to know more about this man.  It doubt if I'll soon forget him.  Today, I'd like to share with you an interview with Sandy Sims -- I think you'll understand my point completely.

 Who is Sandy Sims?

A Virgo with Pisces rising and a moon in Taurus he is comfortable in both the world of Ralph Lauren and Timothy Leary. Interesting people and ideas are a fascination. A curious soul he will try most things at least once. He is drawn to metaphysical ideas in terms of finding meaning in life. A good cappuccino, living abroad and smelling the roses are high on his list. His goal is to make life a continuous gracious adventure.

What role does passion play in your life activities?

Passion now is directed towards balance. Learning is for the sheer joy of learning. I pay attention to what I have energy for and move in that direction, not so much questioning why but realizing that that is where the energy is, and that is good enough.

What might be the most important thing the universe is telling us?

I feel that it is that we are truly the architects of our life and the choices we make lead to the life we have. The difficult thing is to realize our own personal power because there are so many events and set backs that seem to cloud that realization. If we can make notes as to when we first wanted things, or people or opportunity to show up, and then connect those dots in time to their occurrences, we can gather more confidence about our ability and move confidently towards what we want.

How do you define reality?

I feel it is simply the moment by moment we experience in our physical life through our senses, but that it does include in the background the vast consciousness of existence we live oblivious to.

What does success mean to you?

It is a bio feed back loop. It is understanding that where my efforts are applied there are results. Where there are set backs, or apparent disappointments it is because I have not yet applied the effort required. Perhaps I have not paid attention to my own intuition and been courageous enough to act, or realized that there are other forces working at cross purposes and my path is elsewhere.

Are we born creative or must we learn to be creative?

I feel that we are born innately curious and that as we learn how to survive and function in the world, we are required to conform. Those around us who have lost awareness of their own personal power are very influential and if there are too many we can become lost. Creativity is like a portal or channel or even a lifeline that gives us direction from the smallest incidents in life to the “Aha” moments. The ability of these portals to become more useful is enhanced by our awareness of their existence. Living life as a question is one way to do this.

What does the future hold for Sandy Sims?

The future for Sandy Sims is to practice the idea of living life in the flow. Getting used to connecting with my intuition, paying attention to what I am enthusiastic about and following through with intention. I feel that we are in the midst a huge consciousness transformation where we are being required to trust that life will bring us what we need and move more confidently into the unknown. I don’t say that this is particularly easy. However with practice I feel I can find exhilaration and reward in the process.

What would you like to share with our readers?

I once went to a lecture given by a man in a wheel chair who had burns over ninety percent of his body from an airplane crash. His message was that it isn’t what happens to us, but what we plan to do about it. He said he could have spent the rest of his life feeling sorry for himself and would have had good reason. Instead he realized that there was an entirely new life available, to travel and lecture on this very concept. I wrote my book first as simply a cathartic experience, recording my journey of learning about manifestation and applying those principles. I realized that I was not that interested in people telling me about what they had read on this topic, but more of what they had actually experienced. I was urged to share my own story on manifestation. I found that I had energy and resources to do so, and following the breadcrumbs; so to speak, I have entered the world of book writing, publishing and marketing.

Thank you for sharing your words and time with us, Sandy.  Feel free to return for a visit any time.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow, folks, when I share my thoughts on Mr. Sim's book (and the workbook), How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head, Under My Skin, and Changed the Way I Think About Thinking.
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