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How Frank Lloyd Wright got Into My Head...by Sandy Sims -- A Review

Who decides your destiny?  Ultimately, the Universe works as a partner with us to manifest the things we want.  In How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head, Under Mu Skin and Changed the Way I Think About Thinking, author Sandy Sims takes readers on a journey of self-discovery--his own and theirs.  Having an idea inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Sandy sets out to make that idea a reality.  Along the way, he meets many teachers and learns lessons we often don't stop and listen for.  Determined to realize his dream, regardless of how impractical it may have appeared, Mr. Sims learned how rge Universe strives to work with us to help us realize our full potential and our ability to create what we seek.

The companion workbook, Creative Thinking for the 21st Century:  An Experiential Guidebook, walks readers through the steps of discovering what they really want from life, clearing the blocks along the path and realizing that each of us has the power to create our own realities.

Sandy Sims writes as though his words are simply written in a journal for himself.  He illustrates concepts by showing how came to the realization rather than explaining them in a abstract way.  For example, he doesn't give us the dictionary definition of synchronicity; instead, he shows how he needs something and that something appears, or the means to achieving that something appears.  He allows his own learning to do the teaching, making the reader feel comfortable and unpressed.  The concept seeps into your conscious through osmosis rather than study. 

I haven't completed the workbook yet but have been doing the exercises step-by-step.  The way they are set up, Sandy Sims assumes you haven't analyzed things too deeply so he starts at the beginning, rather than diving into the deep end and hoping the reader can swim.  After each exercise, you are asked to consider what you have learned and how you can apply it--and what you will do to apply the knowledge.  He includes a fairly extensive list of further study material for the reader to seek out.

The fact that I'm posting this in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning is testimonial to how inspiring Sandy Sims is in these two books.  I've had a dream for some time now, and reading this had me realizing that, even if it seems impossible, I have to attempt it--and I've worked non-stop trying to get the details in order and devise a plan of action.As it is any time you find yourself truly working with the flow, time becomes meaningless.  That this one book enabled me to allow myself to enter that state says more than anything else I could possibly write.

If you have ever had a dream, if you find yourself seeking deeper fulfillment and a direction in life, if you feel you have to rely on luck and not your own power to create, this book is a must read.  You will come away from the reading with a new sense of strength and faith in your abilities.  The book alone is inspiring, but I highly recommend using the companion workbook.  By using both, you not only see the path, but also can figure out the best way to follow it.

This isn't one of those "think it and it will happen" books.  Sandy admits that you need to act in order to achieve--and that action will prompt the Universe to help.  He also encourages you to think of the times you wanted something and it didn't occur.  Explaining that others are also adding energy to what they want and sometimes their wants may be stronger or more along the lines of what the Universe wants.  For example, he uses wanting to drive fast and not get stopped.  You may want that, but the rest of the people in the area want safety, safety that your speeding will destroy.  Their combined want is stronger than yours.  Mr. Sims really makes it possible to understand why or why not. He does not judge, only explains.

Ask yourself "Do I have a dream that I want to make reality?"  If the answer is yes, this book will give you a strong base from which to launch your journey.  Visit Sandy Sim's website now to learn more and find out where you can get your copy.

How Frank Lloyd Wright Got into My Head, Under My Skin and Changed the Way I Think About Thinking earns six colors on the Rainbow Scale of Reading Excellence.

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The Old Silly said...

Good review! I haven't read it yet, but I have a feature post up on my blog today on Sandy Sims, and he, the man, and his ideas are spot on!

Marvin D Wilson

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