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Emotional Freedom --Dr. Judith Orloff helps you move onward and upward

We all have emotions that tend to be so strong they block out all others.  Negative emotions are the worse for doing this.  Fear, discouragement, disappointment and many others fall into this category.  Judith Orloff understands how destructive these emotions can be; she also understands how difficult it can be to get past these emotions and replace them with the positive ones that can move you forward.  This is where Emotional Freedom comes in.

In Emotional Freedom, Dr. Orloff shows you first how to determine what emotional type you are.  She then continues to explain what negative emotions exist and how they can cause both physical and emotional pain and stagnation.  Rather than leave readers to figure out what steps are necessary to achieve this change, she includes Emotional Action Steps throughout the book.  These steps are easy to carry out and you can feel the improvement quickly. Dr. Orloff also includes mini-quizzes throughout the book to help you assess whether or not you need improvement in certain areas.

I have been a fan of Judith Orloff for some time now, so was looking forward to reviewing Emotional Freedom.  My anticipation did not go unrewarded.  I learned a great many new strategies to deal with emotions as I read.  Being a self-help junkie, I don't often discover new ideas in this area any longer.  It was a nice surprise to discover new ways.  I especially like her section on emotional vampires and how to deal with them. 

Dr. Orloff writes with a conversational tone that feels like a friend is explaining concepts to you.  Her direct approach gives off a confidence that you can't help but feel enter your own thinking as you read.  The book is written in short sections that allow for gaining insight in short periods of time. In today's world of constant activity, we don't often have the pleasure of a few hours of reading time all at once.  With this book, I found myself hoping for waiting tme so I could see what was next.

We all have negative emotions of one type or another that we wish weren't so huge in our lives.  Emotional Freedom addresses them all, allowing each reader to discover for themselves the pleasure derived from turning the negative into positive.  If you have ever felt deep emotional pain, this is a must have book, best kept on your nightstand rather than on a crowded bookshelf.  You will want to keep it near.

Emotional Freedom rates 6 colors on the Rainbow Scale.

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