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Sandy Sims On Synchronicity, Cosmic Partners and Ultimate Creativity

Yesterday I introduced you to Sandy Sims, author of the two books over there on your left.  Today, Sandy has provided us with his Seven Steps to Ultimate Creativity.  I'd also like to share with you a brief talk by Sandy on the subject of synchronicity and your cosmic partners.  If you have any thoughts, comments, questions, etc...on today's post, please leave a comment. (I know you guys, and you always have opinions!).  Don't forget to return tomorrow for even more from Sandy Sims.

And now for a guest post from Sandy Sims:


When we want create new ideas, methodologies and results, we can employ a variety of techniques to facilitate the process. Since we did not have the information before the process, we don’t spend much time thinking about where it is coming from or how it might be originating. Yet any explanation of how the field produces the new and novel or the context from which creativity springs, is simply left as a question mark.

Rather, we concentrate on how to coax it in to existence. If we get a flash of insight or an idea that is “Out of the blue” we usually do not imagine it as being the product of some other’s consciousness’s idea. But why not? Probably because our cultural way of thinking and the scientific method does not permit that belief at this time.

One of the trademarks of genius is an abiding and perhaps continuous state of curiosity as if the switch is continuously left in the “on” mode. It is as if there is a perpetual order to keep sending the new and novel.

I would like to think that the collective unconscious is inhabited not only by our connections to one another, but to a vast network of minds beyond ours, who operate not only to bring our desires into reality but to also give us their ideas as we seem ready for them.

To look at the universe in this manner gives rationale explanation to such things as synchronicities, or as Jung referred to them, meaningful coincidences, to original ideas when you least expected them to appear. Furthermore it gives us the comforting feeling that we are part of an immediate team. Therefore, from this point of view I would like to propose that our idea generation is often a result of a collaborative effort with friends we cannot see. In this regard our lives can be filled with the most useful and efficient idea generation possible.

Seven Steps To Establishing The Contextual Mindset To Ultimate Creativity
1. See the collective unconscious as the home of your partnerships, an army of helpers who have unlimited resources and connections willing to do your bidding and also willing to send you unsolicited ideas.

2. live as much in a state of constant question as if you are in a childlike state of curiosity. In this way while your conscious thought is involved in one area your helpers have their assignments and are working even as you sleep. For example if you are to meet in a few days to work on solving a problem, define the problem as well as possible and ask yourself for solutions now. By the time your meeting takes place the process has long been underway.

3 For complicated requests think of the collective unconscious requiring “ TIME ” to make all of the manifesting connections. Know that it is being worked on, and that some ideas may never be revealed due for example to conflicting interests.

4. Think of INTENTION as a means of transmitting importance, hence priority. Assign the degree of intention .

5. Let it all go with gratitude, in effect knowing that it will take time for your partners to generate for you depending upon the difficulty and appreciating their effort.

6. Now that the context has been established enter into the content generation phase and harvest the results. Think of employing various idea generation techniques (content) as a means of making and strengthening the connections. (for example: mind mapping, thinking in pictures, lateral thinking, 1000 mile an hour thinking, listing bad ideas to stumble upon good ones, throwing away all of the initial ideas to get to those in the outer orbits, combine different fields of expertise etc.).

7. In addition to actual “aha” of an idea received, be open to all forms of inputs especially synchronicities to lead you to people, symbols, and resources which may ultimately convey an answer.
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The Old Silly said...

Thanks for this intro to Sims, Joyce! Sandy, your "Seven Steps" are spot on. I actually copied and pasted this article in a Word.doc for reference.

Great post, many thanks to both of you!

Marvin D Wilson

Unknown said...

Thank you Joyce for getting Sandy on your blog. He is amazing and his 7 steps speak loudly for his genius. A brilliant man so full of information - I'd like to have a permanent link to his brain power = )

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