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The Whale Hunters Website is Growing

Not long ago, I introduced you to Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith and her Whale Hunters book and website. 

Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith, founder and president of The Whale Hunters®, has an exceptional leadership background that began in higher education and successfully transitioned to entrepreneurship. With partner Larry Smith, she built the consulting firm Smith Weaver Smith, Inc., now celebrating 15 years of significant achievement in the education and economic sectors. In 2004, Dr. Smith founded The Whale Hunters to bring this proven change-management process to small and mid-sized companies. Dr. Smith guides entrepreneurs, CEOs, and sales leaders with education, peer coaching, and team training on this winning process that has helped transform more than 300 companies and counting.

Visit http://www.thewhalehunters.com and http://blog.thewhalehunters.com for much more information.

As Dr. Smith and her staff attempt to improve the services they offer clients, they develop more programs to reach this goal. The Whale Hunters is introducing Pier9, a new online community for entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, and sales representatives who want to grow their business fast by making bigger sales to bigger customers. Pier9 offers a wide variety of resources for small business development:  articles, podcasts, recorded teleconferences and webinars, blog, and new material produced daily and available 24/7.   At Pier9 members can check the calendar of upcoming events, both virtual events and face-to-face events in their local communities, hosted by a Whale Hunters Certified Partner, located in many major markets throughout the United States and soon to be introduced in Europe.

Monday, I will be featuring a guest post from Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith telling reader how you too can obtain "big whale" accounts

The Whale Hunters is a strategic sales coaching company that helps small businesses achieve explosive growth by landing bigger deals with bigger customers. Our business development process has consistently helped hundreds of companies create a repeatable, disciplined sales culture that optimizes the company’s ability to land and harvest whale-sized accounts in any economic climate.

Small business is the best way to reinvigorate the American economy. Barbara Weaver Smith, founder of The Whale Hunters, shares a lot of information of benefit to business people who want to grow their business. The question is how can small businesses grow at a rate that will show results sooner rather than later? That’s where The Whale Hunters comes in – and we invite you to register for a free account which gives you access to the wealth of information on the new expanded Whale Hunters website– http://www.thewhalehunters.com/

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Barbara Weaver Smith said...

Hi Joyce,

Thanks so much for your great post about our new and improved website. I will look forward to interacting with your readers over the next few days!

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