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The Journey to Truth by George Garlick, Ph.D. -- A Review

· The Journey to Truth

· George F. Garlick, Ph.D.

· 978-1-933204-89-5

· VMI Publishers

· 2009

· 14.99

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From the dawning of time, man has pondered many questions concerning the meaning of life, our place in the universe and other equally elusive concepts. Truth has always been near the top of the list. Dr. George F. Garlick has spent a lifetime searching for the truths of the universe. As a man of science, he believes there are answers to everything. As a man of God, he has tried to reconcile the apparent inconsistencies between religion and science. The Journey to Truth shares with us Dr. Garlick’s personal journey and gives us a view into the truths he has found.

In the past, science and spirituality have often battled against each other. It has been like two magnets with the south poles at the forefront, pushing against each other and never coming together. George Garlick takes the known discoveries on science’s south pole and has the foresight to turn the spiritual magnet around. What has resulted is a highly enjoyable book with many “a-ha” moments as the two disciplines come together into a seamless blending.

I enjoyed the way Dr. Garlick compared both science and scripture in a side-by-side manner that allows the reader to envision a compare/contrast chart. Visual readers will be able to follow along effortlessly, seeing how the two disciplines truly do support each other. Normally one to look for inconsistencies that are not addressed, I can say I found none in this book. The author was meticulous in his research and did not skim over inconsistencies, hoping the reader did not see them. With a true scientific mind, every “t” is crossed and “i” dotted.

I had a bit of difficulty with the science part of the book. The author speaks to readers who have a working understanding of scientific principles and I found myself having to re-read some of these paragraphs in order to understand. The understanding did come, but I would have liked Dr. Garlick to simplify some of the more complex areas a bit. The average reader may have difficulty grasping some of the more complex concepts. All in all, however, taking the time to re-read and dissect the passages helps with this.

George Garlick has shared with us one of the most personal journeys a person can take—that of the soul’s search for truth. He allows us to see his confusion, his pain and not knowing and finally his joy at discovering the two disciplines do not have to battle, for they are both necessary to truly understand our universe.

The Journey to Truth is a book I would recommend to anyone who has an open mind and a willingness to question what makes our universe the wondrous creation it is. Be prepared to take your time in reading, for this isn’t light reading’ it, however, is not dry and boring like a textbook. It is full of discoveries and understanding for those who seek answers. Dr. Garlick does an excellent job bringing together two very different disciplines—and he provides an extensive bibliography for those wishing to search deeper.

The Journey to Truth earns five colors on the Rainbow Scale.

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