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Rajah and the Big Blue Ball-A Review

Rajah, the black lab, loves his yard-that is until he visits his special tree one day and a blue ball hits him with a pinecone! Trying to overcome his fear, Rajah sets out to find the blue ball, with the help of the other animals that live near him. What he finds will both surprise and delight children of all ages.

I knew this book was special when I first held it in my hands. The cover speaks for reader's to pick it up. Dr. Penick Phillips obviously knows her dogs, as I had no doubt Rajah was thinking exactly what she wrote.

Mosetta Penick Phillips has created a book that will be enjoyed by children of all ages, as well of those with a bit of childhood still in their hearts. Unlike many children's authors, she does not write "down" but even the earliest of readers will be able to read her tale.

Children still too young to read will also be delighted with this story. Rather than illustrations, this book has wonderful photographs of Rajah and his friends gracing the pages!

Rajah and the Big Blue Ball is sure to be the favorite in every child's library-and one that will be passed down for generations to come.

Rajah and the Big Blue Ball earn seven colors--a perfect rainbow!
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Anonymous said...

Good and fun sounding kids book! Love your 7 colors rating system instead of the 5 stars - cool. :)

The Old Silly From Free Spirit Blog

orcalover said...

I love the idea that this book has photographs instead of pictures. It will make it easier for kids to relate to the story.

Dr. Mosetta said...

Thank you, Joyce, for the wonderful review.
Your kind words are overwhelming.
Rajah gives you his three yelps. That is how he tells me that a friend is nearby.
Thank you, again,
Dr. Mosetta

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