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Winner Announced-and LJ Sellers Committed a Crime

Mary Moss...will you please contact me with your mailing addy? The reason??? You are the lucky winner of the autographed copy of Abiding Hope & Love by Connie Arnold!!! Congratulations, Mary!!!!


Now, onto LJ Sellers and the crime she committed. First some background:

The lady at your left is LJ Sellers, mystery writer. Her website can be found here:


The whole thing started when she sent me a copy of this book:

The Sex Club. No, this isn't erotica or anything of that sort-it's a mystery. Briefly, there is a Planned Parenthood clinic, a nurse who is dealing with her own inner demons and a bomber who feels God has given the directive to bomb first the clinic and then the nurse personally. Ms. Sellers then adds in Bible study group of junior high students who are learning a bit more than the Bible. To top it off, she includes two murdered girls and a detective who is doing his best to raise his young daughter on his own. LJ Seller's then stirs these ingredients thoroughly and makes them conect in a way that deliciously appealing.

The characters in The Sex Club are so realistic you will look at your pre-teen and early teen kids and wonder if these are kids they go to school with. The subject matter is intense and brings to light a subject that is wrought with controversy. Ms. Sellers uses her words to weave a masterpiece that keeps readers glued to her book. It is one of those "just one more chapter" books that find you on page one one minute and and by the time you reach the end, you realize you have not even taken the time to eat, but have been immersed for hours.

That is where the crime comes in. I found myself so involved in this book that I did something I almost never do-I forgot to fix dinner for my guys. My son informed me that it was "a crime to write a book that was so good it prevented a mother from cooking for her "starving" child!"

There you have it folks--LJ Sellers has committed the horrendous crime of writing a book that is so engrossing the outside world disappears until you reach the end. Hmm...I wonder if that is a felony or a simple misdemeanor?

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unwriter said...

For Shane and no dinner it's a felony. Shame on you (grin). This sounds like a very interesting collection of data that should keep us reading. The title alone should pique interest.

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