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Losing Your Only by Dr. Debi Yohn -- A Review

Life has an order about it that we have all come to expect, even if we haven't thought about it.  We are born and we grow, become adults and usually parents. We grow older and eventually pass on.  In spite of this fairly predictable cycle, the order of things sometimes change and we are faced with losing a child.  Whenever this occurs, grief seems deeper than we can ever imagine.  When the child is our only one, the grief can be even deeper, for not only do we lose our child, we lose our identity as a parent.

Dr. Debi Yohn lost her son when he was only twenty.  In her book, Losing Your Only, she bares her soul as she relates the process she went through.  This isn't just her story, however, because she offers advice between the pieces of her story.  Using her experience, she reaches out to other parents who have lost their only child and helps them understand the process they will go through, giving helpful advice on how to best deal with each stage of the process.

Losing Your Only isn't a "get over and go on" book.  I really liked the fact that Dr. Yohn tells readers that they will question.  She is honest about the depth of pain.  She is also positive in her assertion that things do get better with time.  She acknowledges they won't be the same, but they will be better.  The author found her greatest strength in spirituality.  This book, however, isn't based on any particular religion.  She states many times that the parent needs to reach toward their own Higher Power, follow their own cultural beliefs and traditions.  What is most important is being able to reach out and accept the love and help of others.

I also found the process described by Dr. Yohn as one that can help any parent, anywhere get through the death of their only child.  She brings hope and healing through her words and practical actions a parent can take, not just find a way talk.  This is a book that should be available to anyone who has ever felt the loss of a child.  It is a subject so often avoided in written material, but it needs to be available--and Dr. Debi Yohn allowed her grief to push her forward to give hope to others.

Losing Your Only rates six colors on the Rainbow Scale.

Thank you for your interest in Losing Your Only, by Dr Debi Yohn. This is a very personal story which helped Dr Yohn discover her purpose – to motivate and support parents and others to live life to their highest potential. The digital version of the book is currently available at http://losingyouronly.com/get-the-book/. If you would like to be notified about the upcoming print and audio release, please visit this page and send Dr Debi your name and email address.

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Nikki Leigh said...

Good morning Joyce -- Thank you for your review and thoughts about Losing Your Only. It is indeed a topic that needs to be discussed to help the people who are facing and have faced the loss of their child.

Six colors on the rainbow is definitely a very good thing :)


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