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Whale Hunting Women by Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith--A Review

ISBN 978-0-9822091-5-8 (eBook)

When I first read the title of this book, my curiosity was peaked. I wanted to know what whale hunting had to do with business. Once I had a chance to listen to the video I shared with you this past Monday, I understood the concept and was intrigued enough to want to know more.
Dr. Smith states in her introduction that women have always participated in big business dealings, but rarely realize the importance of what they do. She goes on to state that there are "three key traits that women bring to their whale hunting
endeavors: listen, align, and empathize. It’s not that men do not have or cannot
develop these capabilities. Rather, it’s recognition that women are nurtured to
cultivate these traits and rewarded when we do."
Expanding first on these three traits, She then proceeds to identify what is necessary to land big business deals, how women often avoid doing these things--and finally how women can change these things and take positive action. Whale Hunting Women is set up with many bulleted points that lead you step-by-step through what is necessary to accomplish big deals.
I enjoyed Barbara Weaver Smith's friendly yet professional tone. She does not talk down to the reader. She has set this book up with many bulleted lists, making it easy to comprehend. At first glance, I thought this might be one of those books that talks in circles and says litle. I was wrong. The words may be few, but Dr. Smith packs meaning into each one, not wasting space or the reader's time on details that are meaningless. Yet, she has left nothing out that will cause confusion.
I believe that this book is not only highly valuable to business women, but also to women outside the business arena. The principles contained within the pages of Whale Hunting Women can be applied to any area of life to achieve success. As I read, I felt strengthened by the words I read. This is a must-read book for any woman who wants to take ownership of her inate power to achieve.
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orcalover said...

This is not what I would expect this book to be. Itsounded fishy, but when I read te ideas explored in Whale Hunting, I like the idea. I've never heard of a book addressing these issues and for woman in business it is muchly (is that a word?), needed.

Nikki Leigh said...

Great review Joyce :) Anything that sounds nautical gets my immediate attention - so I was definitely intrigued. I also like the fact that Barbara Weaver Smith gets to the point, and shares the details we need without a lot of fluff. I also like the journalling pages at the end of each chapter. I just interviewed her on my radio show Tuesday and we covered a lot of details. For anyone who would like to listen to the discussion - visit www.blogtalkradio.com/nikkileigh and her show is featured at this time.

Nikki Leigh

Susan Wingate said...

I agree with you fully! "Whale Hunting Women" is one of the only business books that I can recall enjoying. With an undergraduate degree in accounting I've read tomes of business-related texts. Smith keeps her discourse perfectly understandable and intriguing enough for any level reader whether in business or not.
Great review. Great book.

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