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Hard by Jamieson Wolf--A Review and More

Best friends share many things, but sometimes feel the need to keep a secret. What happens when it turns out both have the same secret--and it is revealed? Sometimes, you end up with more than you ever dreamed.

Jamieson Wolf writes in a variety of genres, but his m/m erotic is some of his best work. This story is no exception. In down-to-Earth language (translation--intended for adults) Jamieson once again has created a story that arouses passion in both the gay and straight reader.

His language may be blunt, but the feeling of passion is clear and you walk away with the same feeling you have upon reading a sweet romance--that of wonder that true love can and does happen. I have never read any other author that can effectively combine these two emotions.

This is for all those who remember the feeling of first love becoming reality. This is not one to read while you are alone!

Hard is being released on December 11 from Breathless Press

In the meantime,why not check out the Hard Blog ? It has tons of free stuff including a free soundtrack to the novel, a free ebook, a free podcast and more!

You can watch the book trailer here

Come back tomorrow, when I will have a fun surprise for everyone--something to give you a much-needed break in the middle of your day!

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