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An Excerpt from The Temples of Light--and a special video

Yesterday, I introduced you to the book, The Temples of Light. Yoday, I wanted to share with you a small portion of what this book has to offer. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy...and don't forget to watch the video that follows, it is breathtaking! Tomorrow, I will be sharing yet more from this book. Please come back and check it out!
Cosmic Oneness

The Great Pyramid is an initiation chamber that provides access to the unified consciousness that is within you. Entering into the Great Pyramid activates the universal truths of unity consciousness: as above, so below; everything in the universe is made of the same matter; you are eternal; you are source energy; and the law of attraction—like attracts like. These are all aspects of oneness consciousness. It is whole consciousness and inherent within it reside the sacred truths of the universe. Within the sacred truths of the universe are the divine qualities such as abundance, truth, harmony, love, and joy.

Breathing Exercise

Breathe with the Pyramid

Breathe deeply and connect to the consciousness that resides within the Great Pyramid. Do not focus on a specific location within the structure but on an energetic seed of consciousness within the pyramid. As you read these words connect more deeply to the seed of consciousness that resides within the Great Pyramid. Move into a place of receptivity. Breathe in through the back of your shoulders and into your heart. Give yourself permission to receive, remember, and accelerate your evolution.

The Great Pyramid assists you in rediscovering the innate knowledge that you are whole, abundant, and one with all there is. Oneness wisdom—unity consciousness—is beyond the perceived limitations of separation consciousness. In the Great Pyramid initiation you reconnect to this unified consciousness.

Take a few moments to breathe with the pyramid. Focus on this seed of oneness consciousness that exists within the pyramid. Spend a few minutes connecting to it.

Unity Consciousness

Unity consciousness pulses through the Great Pyramid...As you enter into the Great Pyramid there is only oneness, only unity; your being remembers fully this oneness nature, this oneness wisdom.

The benefits are profound and can range from restoring physical well-being and your connection to yourself, to all there is. At the pyramid you can remember that you are a star; that you are divine. In the pyramid you can unify with the abundance of all there is, in the consciousness of truth, love, joy, and ecstasy.

Yet you receive much more through connecting to oneness wisdom than these surface outcomes or benefits; you receive the full restoration that comes from being plugged back in completely to source. Not as spirit in form, but as pure source. You are not spirit in matter, for matter is spirit. There is no separation at all. Your body and totality are source energy.

As you walk into the Great Pyramid you ignite and all of you remembers that you are source. It is encoded within you that you are one with your source; not a vessel of your source, not reaching for your source, but source itself. All of you is source.

As you expand into this bubble of source, held in this knowledge that you are source, your gifts and talents are switched on and become accessible. You remember how powerful you are. Source hums in the wholeness of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, mind, and body…

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Unknown said...

Dear Joyce,
Just stopping by to say thank you for sharing The Temples of Light with your readers. I will check back to see if anyone has any questions about the book.
With appreciation and joy,
Danielle Rama Hoffman
Author of The Temples of Light

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