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Widow's Walk by Kenneth Weene -- A Review

Life -- that is the word I would use if I had to sum up Widow's Walk in merely one word. Kenneth Weene knows people - their thoughts, passions, and emotions - better than any author I have encountered recently. Mary's story could very well be any woman's story; her family, any family. Like life, this book is not all happy endings and resolved conflicts, but neither is it all tragedy and pain.

Kenneth deals with matters of faith, disability and subjects as deep as rape, AIDS and death. He does so with finesse and an understanding that surpasses mere telling; it felt as though I was inside each character's head, living the story in all it's glory. As Mary prayed, I knelt beside her. As Sean fought to gain an independence that had been torn from him years before, I cried and cheered, feeling every moment of the struggle. As Kathleen mourned the loss of a child that could never be hers, I felt the anger and longing.

I wish I had the words to fully describe Widow's Walk. Unfortunately, this is a book that stands alone and needs to be experienced to fully comprehend all it has to offer. I have never been at a loss of words for describing a book before, but how do you explain life, love, faith, loss and complete devastation? You do not read Widow's Walk--you experience it!

I can't rate this book on my Rainbow Scale of Reading Excellence--it surpasses the Perfect Rainbow of seven. All I say is plan on buying not only your own copy, but a couple more as gifts to share. What better gift than something that shows a person you understand?

Kenneth, thank you for Widow's Walk. You have truly gifted the world with your words.


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If you haven't already read Widow's Walk, be sure to pick your copy up at Kenneth Weene’s

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