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The Sari Shop Widow - A Review

Opening a novel by Shobhan Bantwal has me anticipating a feast for the senses--and The Sari Shop Widow did not disappoint me. Ms. Bantwal has once again brought to life the Indian experience, this time in the United State's "Little India". With the marrying of Indian and American cultures, readers get the full impact of the unique atmosphere that makes India a cultural mecca.

Anjali, the book's heroine is full of passion. Her story takes the reader through the pain and confusion of a woman torn between her heart and tradition. You will feel her indecision and find yourself holding your breath as you wait for her final decision. Before you finish The Sari Shop Widow, you will feel as though you stood beside a friend this whole time. Shobhan has the incredible talent of bring her characters to life. You will come to know each and every one as intimately as you know your best friend.

For fans of Shobhan Bantwal, this book will be a welcome addition to your collection. For those who have yet to discover this wonderful author, you are in for a treat unlike any you have encountered in a book. The Sari Shop Widow earns seven colors!

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Shobhan Bantwal said...


Thank you for a lovely review and for hosting me on your blog. As always, you're a warm and wonderful hostess and I appreciate your enthusiasm and hospitality.

Shobhan Bantwal

unwriter said...

A beautiful review. The more I read, the more I want to read.

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