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Kenneth Weene Visits

The next few days I have a real treat for you! Author Kenneth Weene will be joining us to talk about his book, Widow's Walk. Today, I'll give you a brief look at the book and author--and tomorrow, I invite you back (and bring friends!) for an interview with Mr. Weene.

Mary Flanagan, caught between her sense of religion and obligation on one hand and her very human desire for love and life on the other, is in emotional limbo. When she meets Arnie Berger, who becomes her lover and philosophic guide, Mary’s world seems to be transformed.

Changes also come for Mary’s children, who have been trapped in their own dilemmas. Sean, a quadriplegic, is looking for a fulfilled life. Mary’s daughter, Kathleen must cope with infertility and anger in her search for happiness. The lives of all three Flanagans are turned upside down by happiness and tragedy.

A New Englander by upbringing and inclination, Ken Weene’s career – primarily in New York – included teaching, pastoral care, and psychology. Throughout his career Ken has also been devoted to writing. His poetry has appeared in a number of publications – both print and web. He authored a number of professional publications. His short stories and essays have also been published. One of his short plays was recently workshopped. An anthology of Ken’s work, Songs For My Father, was published 2002. His novel, Widow’s Walk, has been published in 2009.

Ken and his wife, Roz, now live in greater Phoenix where he spends much of his time writing.
He started writing, primarily poetry, in the 1980s. Regarding Widow's Walk, Weene says,

"Stepping away from full-time work was the best decision I ever made. Writing this story has given me tremendous personal satisfaction, and it has shown me an avenue for expression I will always treasure."

For more information on Mr. Weene and his work, please visit:


Kenneth Weene’s Author Website - http://widows-walk.webs.com/

You can follow Kenneth on:

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.weene

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Ken_Weene

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unwriter said...

Tis good to see you posting more often. This sounds like a very interesting book. I'm looking forward to reading more about it and the author.

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