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L. Diane Wolfe-Circle of Friends and Article

Today I want o introduce you to a five book series written by L. Diane Wolfe, The Circle of Friends. These books are:

"Meant to inspire as well as entertain, The Circle of Friends is described as “encouragement personified." Based in the South, they are aimed at young adults/adults and focus on friendship, overcoming obstacles, & pursuing dreams. The stories intertwine as the characters learn that with belief and encouragement, they can achieve anything. Fans will come away from these books believing they can overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals!"

Book 1--Lori

Driven by Olympic dreams…

To the outside world, Lori Anders has it all. The only child of affluent parents, she is a gifted swimmer with Olympic dreams. Armed with a winning attitude and genuine spirit, Lori appears destined for success.

Yet despite her certainty in the pool, something inhibits Lori from achieving her full potential. Her focus on
swimming has left little time for relationships. Lacking in confidence, Lori’s light has few opportunities to shine.

When an altercation with the school bullies brings her to the attention of the star quarterback, Lori finds herself in a unique position. Jason’s affections renew her hope and force the shy swimmer out of her comfort zone. But, will it be enough to achieve her lifelong dream.

Book II - Sarah

No awards for second best…

A student at Georgia Tech, Sarah Martin is bold, intelligent, and appears destined for a career in biochemistry. But her poor self-image has been masked by behavior unbecoming to a young lady brought up in an affluent Southern family. Estranged from her father, envious of her best friend’s perfect life, Sarah feels inadequate and unable to measure up to expectations.

When a friendship suddenly turns romantic, Sarah questions herself even more. A future NFL receiver, Matt’s joyful spirit and social status appear beyond her reach. Yet beneath his eager smile and playboy antics lies a young man hiding in shadows and desperate to trust again.

Faced with challenges, they must help each other come to terms with past disappointments before insecurities and doubt threaten to sabotage their future.

Book III -- James

Haunted by a troubled past…

The future appears bright for James Sheppard. Emerging from a troubled childhood, he is blessed with talent and a good work ethic. Excelling in his classes and at the campus newspaper, James’s goal of editor appears within his grasp.

However, years of abuse and loneliness have dampened his spirit. By the time Maria enters his world, James is nearing the breaking point. Her innocent love slowly fills the void in his life, boosting his confidence and giving him hope.

When a crisis abruptly forces him into adulthood, James is saddled with more responsibility than expected. Struggling to cope with the situation, the past returns to haunt him. Will James find peace before the mistakes of his father destroy him completely?

Book IV - Mike

A prisoner of guilt for so long…

Mike Taylor is the epitome of stability. His family is proud of his academic and athletic achievements at Georgia Tech, and despite the temptations of college life, he has maintained his moral standards.

Yet beneath the peaceful surface, Mike is consumed with guilt, fearing condemnation and rejection. A former girlfriend’s abortion and the intense love he feels for his roommate’s wife constantly remind Mike of his failures. Unable to forget and full of shame, he refuses to forgive himself.

When Danielle enters his life, he realizes he can no longer hide the past. Will she be able to reach him or is Mike past the point of redemption?

Book V --Heather

A new beginning waits at Clemson for Heather Jennings. Honored with the position of assistant, she will finally realize her dream of coaching basketball. Heather is ready to focus on her duties, using sheer force if necessary, and prove her independence.

Unfortunately, her triumph feels subdued as Heather’s father and greatest advocate lies dying of cancer. Battling her grief, she must also deal with a sister who appears incapable of responsibility or achievement. And once basketball season begins, a talented but cocky player who resembles her in every manner challenges all that remains of Heather’s patience.

During her quest for a new car, she encounters a man capable of handling her bold and feisty attitude. Straightforward and smug, he entices her to date him, and despite his gruff nature, shows compassion toward her situation. However, the last thing Heather needs is a serious relationship with a man equally fixated on work and opposed to marriage…


Wow--don't these sound excellent??

As you recall from yesterday (You did read yesterday's post, didn't you?) Ms. Wolfe has a new book out titled Overcoming Obstacles With Spunk. I would like to share with you an article written by Ms. Wolfe by the same title. Enjoy!


Do you feel as if your youthful dreams have become mature regrets? Have you hit so many roadblocks you feel drained and devoid of hope? The road to success can be rediscovered if you learn to overcome your obstacles with spunk!

The first thing we need to do is clarify one truth about obstacles – they are what you see when your eyes come off your goals. For some, multiple roadblocks may have caused your goals to become faded memories. However, these obstacles can be overcome and your spunk restored by putting into action five key components.

Humans can control only one thing – their attitude! Life’s many challenges are not the real problem; it is your attitude towards the problem that may need adjustment. Your reaction will be directed by your attitude, whether it is positive or negative. If obstacles are to be overcome, a positive mental attitude must be developed. Visions of defeat will fade with a ‘can-do’ outlook on life. Regardless of the problem, positive can be found in every situation you face. Master a positive attitude and the battle is half won!

The greatest skill we develop is the ability to get along with other people. Using people to get ahead and treating them poorly will not further your cause. You must learn to genuinely care about your fellow man and raise him up rather than tear him down. Every human craves approval, to be noticed and valued, and a simple compliment can vastly improve one’s day. You do not want to be the one that causes joy by your departure rather than your arrival! Bringing out the best in others will produce the best in you as well. Let some of that positive attitude spill over onto other people!

Your belief system could be in need of a complete overhaul, too. We believe what we are programmed to believe, and it’s not always positive. Negative comments from friends and family, repeated setbacks and past failures may have reduced your self-esteem. These need to be wiped from your memory and replaced with positive expectations! No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. Stop picturing defeat and go forward as if you have already succeeded. Expect the best. Your confidence will grow every time you step out of your comfort zone, further boosting your self-image. Reprogramming your beliefs will take time, but doing so will change your outlook on life for the better.

Armed with a positive attitude, people skills and optimism, you are ready to break through the final wall – fear. This invisible force has crippled entire nations, but it does not have to stop you. Every human carries fears of failing, usually stemming from past experiences. The only way to conquer fear is to take action. It will not vanish on its own and pushing through your fears is ultimately less frightening than living with them. Every person experiences fear when trying something new. Recognize this fear and then press forward anyway! Eventually you will look back and realize you are no longer afraid.

The final secret to overcoming your obstacles lies in the ability to set goals. Most people possess wishes and dreams, but never get around to setting concrete goals. They confuse the decision-making process with the how-to process and spend all of their energies formulating the perfect plan of attack. Set your goals first and your brain will figure out the how. Be realistic in your expectations, but force yourself to stretch as well. Create stepping-stones of success by setting short and long-range goals. If you miss a deadline, simply adjust and try again. The only failure lies in giving up, so refuse to quit!

Apply these five keys to your life and be prepared for some tremendous results! Continue building on your successes and feeding your passion. The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire – let yourself burn! With optimism and a little spunk, your obstacles will soon be but distant memories.

- Author & professional speaker, L. Diane Wolfe
www.spunkonastick.net www.thecircleoffriends.net


Please return tomorrow when I will be sharing with you an interview I did with L. Diane Wolfe

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