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A Little More on David Snowdon and The Mind of a Genius

A short time ago author David Snowdon stopped by to visit us. I thought today would be a good day to take another quick look at The Mind of a Genius, Snowdon's second novel. Please enjoy the excerpt!

The Mind of a Genius by David Snowdon.
Category: Crime & Mystery Paperback: 288 pages Language: English ISBN: 0955265010

"The black Mercedes taxi pulled up outside the main entrance of the Clinton Hotel, and Laura Prince paid the driver leaving a generous tip, and slid out of the car, as the hotel doorman opened the door of the car for her. She flashed him a smile and walked into the lobby. The time was now 21.02 and a few people were checking in at the reception desk. As she walked into the lobby, she realized that she didn’t feel like going straight to bed or sitting around in their room, watching the TV alone. Although she was feeling tipsy, she felt like having another drink in the hotel bar. She struggled with the thought for a moment, knowing that it wasn’t respectable for a woman to drink alone in a bar. A guy could get away with it, but it wasn’t right for a woman.

Unaccompanied woman normally gave people the wrong impression and were frowned on. But as she walked through the lobby, the alcohol in her system got the better of her, and she decided to have a drink in the bar. She walked into the hotel bar, which was nearly empty and headed for the bar. The barman, a dark, Italian-looking guy who was standing behind the bar talking to his friend who was sitting at the bar, came towards her with a smile. "Hello madam. What can I get for you?""

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unwriter said...

Just enough was said to raise curiosity. Now I want to read the book. Good post.

David Snowdon said...

Hello, Joyce. Thanks for hosting me again. It's a pleasure to be back on your blog. I would also like to say hello to the readers, and thank unwriter for the comments.

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