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A Talk With Deborah DeNicola

As we finish up the week, I'd like to share with you an interview I had with Deborah DeNicola, author of The Future That Brought Her Here--Enjoy!

1. Deborah, can you tell us a bit about why you wrote this book?

First of all I am a poet and though I’ve written a lot of reviews, I wasn’t inclined to write a prose book until I began having uncalled for, spontaneous, metaphysical experiences. I took a lot of notes in my journal for months and months, not knowing what was going on. All I knew was I’d been a normal person for 47 years and suddenly I was aware of other presences around me and could see through my closed eyes. Eventually I decided, I am a writer, this strange thing is happening to me and it only makes sense that I should write about it.

I did actually write a number of poems on some of the experiences but the more I learned about the growing global spiritual movement and the reasons for it, the more I felt a responsibility to report on it using a more accessible genre than poetry.

The fact is that the human species is evolving. We are on the verge of some huge changes as three great cycles cross one another early in our new century. As I joined the vanguard of the movement and found thousands of people there, I also found my story was unique. It only seemed logical that the next step was to write it. I feel a personal responsibility to share what I know. Many people are not ready to resonate with my thoughts, but enough are out there with the germ of the seed in their unconscious collective memories. I worried about risking my reputation as professional writer and teacher, but it became apparent that I myself was crossing into new territory and needed to have the courage of my convictions.

2. If readers gain only one thing by reading this book, what is it you hope they gain?

I hope that readers will remain open to my suggestions and investigate for themselves the idea that we are all part of the godhead, that we create our reality and that we can change what we have experienced as reality, that we can change the world with the power of our collective thoughts and our perceptions, that most of what we were taught to believe about how reality works, is false and wrong, that our religions have misconstrued our powerful place in creation. That if we adjust our attitudes, have faith and rely on our intuition, we will usher in the greatest shift our planet has ever known.

3. Deborah, I see you are offering those who purchase this book some very special gifts--would you like to tell us what they are and how readers can take advantage of this offer?

Unfortunately, the offers are no longer available, although I am still offering on my web site, www.intuitivegateways.com, a free article on dream recall and an MP3 of my reading “Poetry of the Beloved,” a mix of love poems, both individual and spiritual. If people join my mailing list, they will be emailed articles now and then, both by me and if I come across one that I feel is terribly important, I will email that also.

4. What projects do you have planned for the future?

I have some workshops scheduled. Nov 11th at The Crystal Garden in Boynton Beach Florida, I’m teaching a class called “Rumi’s Path of Love; on the Philosophy Faith and Poetry of Rumi.” And I have a four week class in January on “Demystifying Your Dreams With Dream Image Work.” Both of these can be found at Calendar of Events Complete Date Order . Aside from some readings and talks I have in the works, I am writing a book of essays on dream image work called Cinderella Rocketing. A few of these are available on my web site. I am about half way through this book. Each essay offers a closer look at a different aspect of dream image work. The essays are about personal experiences and subjects such as dream amplification, day residue. archetypes, and active imagination, utilizing mostly my own dreams.

I don't’ believe we can heal by means of our will alone. We need access to our unconscious minds which have been coerced by our negative experiences. We need to create new neural pathways, stop responding automatically to stimuli. So many of our complexes exist below the radar. But Dream work allows us direct confrontation with the unconscious. Dreams are readily there and available for inner work. You can have good intentions, say affirmations, and take steps to put your manifestation into process, but if you haven’t cleared your unconscious beliefs, all your conscious intentions are for naught.

I know how to let meaning form and rise in the process of dream work. Healing the unconscious is absolutely necessary for the transformation of our civilization. I wish to share what I know and can teach about messages in our dreams.

5. Is there any special message you would like to leave our readers with?

Despite the grim look of the world and perhaps some chaotic episodes ahead regarding the economy, earth changes, climate crises etc., we, as a species, are manifesting a new civilization, as hokey as it sounds-- one of hope and peace and universal love.

Once people begin to realize that what we do to our neighbors we do to our selves, a great shift will occur. Many have already undergone this shift and are teaching others about it. It involves a new way of thinking about ourselves, our relationships, our work, our material and environmental concerns, our educational institutions and our justice and medical systems. Change is the operative word right now. We have passed into several new cycles, one being out of the age of Pisces, into Aquarius. Aquarius is about new systems, team effort, collective values, community, technology, freedom, equality and consensus thinking outside the box. Slowly we will overhaul the whole workings of our world. The big institutions, like dinosaurs, will be the last to fall. If we focus on them for security, we will be lost to the raving media and spinmeisters who have either unknowingly or knowingly colluded with the power cartel that benefits only a few at the top.

We are living in a time of breakdown of many of our reliable supports, but there is no reason to go into fear. It will be the end of our world as we have known it, but it will be eventually a better world, the return of esoteric power, peace and universal abundance.

My advice is to learn everything you can about the natural laws of manifestation and attraction. Take back your projections, understand who you are, accept nothing less of yourself than your most idealistic aspirations. Retract your projections.

Find work where you can do what you love. Find community. Share. Stop complaining. Visualize what you want, no holds barred. Don’t focus on the negative. Forgive everyone for everything including yourself. Express gratitude for what you have. Find joy within. Keep the faith. Hold to the highest good for all. Be patient. Love yourself and others. Trust in higher powers.

Deborah DeNicola


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unwriter said...

I agree with you about the upcoming changes. What you say makes sense. We are what we can create ourselves to be and it is time to recreate ourselves in the most esoteric form.

Unknown said...

It seems incredibily complicated and also inceredibly simple. Just disconnect from this so called reality, and have faith in your inner guidance. Easier said than done. But if there are lots and lots of us and there are,
we will indeed move mountains. There are many spiritual social networks. I recommend OV and Humanity Healing. i have a dream image work page on facebook, so please share any dreams if you are so inclined.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I've been looking all over for this!


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