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Poems From The Future That Brought Her Here

The other day, I introduced you to a new book titled The Future That Brought Her Here. Deborah DeNicola is first and foremost a poet and she has given me permission to share with you two wonderful poems from this book.

While the book is "a memoir of a call to awaken", there are some wonderful poetry pieces that have found their way into the book. I chose two of my favorites to share with you!

The Future that Brought Her Here
She's still discovering injury.
The childhood doll
with its cobalt eyes stuck open,
ginger lashes greasy with years,
a death in her retina
where only an absence appears.
The woman blinks
into the dawning, violet
light of her bedroom
rinsed in hallucinations--
Wrapped in the quilt
of her flowering sorrow,
she arranges the cumulative rain.
Birds swoop and crop her terrain
in a scree of time
and the room slides through iys layered history,
bookcase into fireplace,
latex into lacy paper,
the same hydrangeas bluing the air.
And she is years back, masked
to an earlier sensation, married
to memory that blunts her senses
the way hunter's headlights stun
deer. And she falls
through the future
that brought her here.
Not a cat, not a leopard, a lioness
walked out of my eye, halted
on furred paws. They covered
her claws, turning.
Her orange mane
swung like drapery
and when she opened her jaws,
I fell into darkness and close quarters.
Ripening fullness
inside her mouth. Her musk
was weighted, a cloud,
like the misty refusal of rain.
She licked my chin, my den
a warm furnace, heaved
in the height of her throat.
Heat ticked somewhere below
in the baseboards.
And the hands
of the dream held me
entranced in its print,
like a pinned insect
under amber. Sheltered
beneficence, brutal--
attractive, something
like love.
I will leave you with these poems to savor, examine and contemplate. I'd love to have comments on your interpretations :-)

Deborah DeNicola is the author of five poetry collections and she edited the anthology Orpheus & Company; Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology.

Among other awards she won a Poetry Fellowship in 1997 from the National Endowment for the Arts. Deborah has been a recipient of many writing colony residencies. She also teaches dream image work and mentors writers online at her web site www.intuitivegateways.com .

To purchase a copy of The Future That Brought Her Here and receive up to 20 bonus gifts, please visit: http://www.thefuturethatbroughtherhere.com/bonusoffers/

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unwriter said...

Well written poems that depict the violence of abuse. At least that's how I read the first one. Well crafted and moving.

Stephanie said...

These are incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with your readers, Joyce. And congratulations on your progress on your novel!

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