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Dan Langerock Inspires and Teaches

I recently had the opportunity to meet author Dan Langerock. This gentleman has gone through much in his lifetime, yet is quick to smile, encourage and teach where he is welcomed. Below, I introduce you to Dan and the first in his series of Bible study book, David--Man After God's Heart. I have had the opportunity to read this book and found it surprising pleasing--not dry as many Bible study books tend to be. Dan's giving personality shines through clearly in his words. This book would be wonderful for those seeking to understand the Bible deeper.

David – Man After God's Heart By Author Dan Langerock

New Christian book series to offer in-depth Bible study

This book is the first release in a series of Christian Bible studies. This in-depth series is designed to help readers learn from the life of each biblical character studied, and will afford the opportunity for readers to apply those lessons in their own lives.

“I am very excited and pleased to be able to offer this series now,” stated Mr. Langerock, “as I believe that many people are searching for a Bible study series with depth. After David, there will be a study on Solomon as well as Abraham. There will then be a grief devotional, which will be followed by two poetry books.”

Mr. Langerock has been actively writing for over 45 years. From birth, his life was affected by blindness and epilepsy. As an adult, he was a hospital chaplain for 10 years. Mr. Langerock is currently working on an internship to become a pastor and specializes in grief ministry. His wife, Cathy, recently died after 33 years of marriage. However, he nonetheless considers himself to be blessed..

“It has been a hard adjustment, certainly,” stated Mr. Langerock, “but God has provided the comfort I need, as has my daughter Carolyn. After Cathie’s death, four books were contracted in four days to Living Waters Publishing.

“While the Bible studies out there now are very good, the ones I write are geared to help the reader maximize the lessons that can be derived from the scriptural character's life. 'David: Man After God’s Heart', helps readers apply what David went through in his life to their own lives. Readers will be given the opportunity to study at least six characteristics of David, and will then have questions to help apply what has been learned. It is my hope that once people experience this new type of study it will help them grow closer to God. I believe the Holy Spirit gave me this to draw people closer to God; that is the ultimate aim. With so much uncertainty in the world, I believe we certainly need to be closer to God.”

Mr. Langerock's books will be available from Living Waters Publishing, and from most Internet book outlets.

Bio for Dan Langerock

I was born in 1952 and grew up with blindness and epilepsy. I am still blind in one eye due to a retina detachment. But the Lord is good and has given me a family and a multitude of blessings despite the tragedies in my life

My wife, Cathie recently died after 33 years of marriage. It has been a hard adjustment but God has provided the comfort I need as well as my daughter Carolyn.

After Cathie’s death, the Lord sold four books in four days to the publisher Living Waters Publishing in Arkansas. Praise the Lord. There are going to be at least six books coming out this year, Lord willing.

I am a former hospital chaplain for 10 years, currently getting started on my internship as a pastor. I specialize in grief ministry.

The future ahead looks bright due to the Lord in my life. He has provided every step of the way and will continue as long as I am close to Him. Priase the Lord. I hope this is your testimony as well.

1) What was the impetus that started you writing, Dan?

When I was going blind as a child from cataracts, my Mom showed me all the beauty around me. In case I went totally blind, I would then have some memory of the beauty. I did belong to the Foundation for the Junior Blind for a while although I never went totally blind. My sight now is marginal but I am able to have a steady job and write.

2) How did it feel growing up being blind and epileptic?

Back in those days, there was not as much understanding as there is now. But I felt very ostracized by my peers, and lonely. That is one reason I turned to writing, to have it as a catharsis of what I was feeling inside.

One time before I met my wife at college, I felt so alone that I sat on a bench one day and cried. God saw those tears and I met her in one of my Speech classes about three months later. We had a great marriage for 33 years and I miss her a lot.

After her death in 2008, the Lord again saw the tears and the loneliness I felt. He provided another wonderful wife for me through the Internet. She was 3000 miles away but God did it anyway. He also gave me two great kids as a bonus. I praise him everyday for his blessings to my life.

3) What is different about the Bible studies you write than what is currently on the market?

While the Bible studies are good that are out there now, the ones I write are geared to help the person studying to maximize the lessons that can be derived from the person’s life. For instance, David: Man After God’s Own Heart, the first study coming out, helps the reader apply what David went through in his life to theirs. You will study at least six characteristics of David in the book and then have questions to help you apply what you have learned. There is a section to help you learn more also called “For Further Study”.

I believe that once people experience this new type of study it will help them grow closer to God in a wonderful way. The Holy Spirit gave me these to draw people closer to God. That is the ultimate aim.. With so much uncertainty in the world, we certainly need to be close to God.

4) What qualifies you to write these Bible studies and other books?

I am a former hospital chaplain and now getting ready to be a pastor. I start my internship this year. The Lord has gifted my life with His words so can help others become close to Him. It is a privilege to do so.

At a young age, I went through blindness and epilepsy. I am still battling these things everyday with God’s help. He has blessed me beyond measure in spite of what has happened to me. It is a matter of trust to believe God will work it out for you no matter what happens.

5) What is the name of your publisher and where can your books be found when they are published?

My publisher is Living Waters Publishing in Arkansas. Their web address is www.livingwaterspc.com The books will be on the major book sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million etc., as well as bookstores.

6) What would you say to aspiring writers who are trying to get published and may feel frustrated?

I would say it is important not to give up. I spent many years trying to get books published but to no avail. Right after my wife died in July 2008, the Lord sold four books in four days time. Praise the Lord.

God has a time for your writing to be published. Your job is to make it the best it can be. Sometimes no one but God is there to encourage you. Hang onto Him for He is the God of all comfort the Bible says. Keep developing your writing and don’t give up no matter what. I spent four semesters in college taking Creative Writing to get my poetry where I wanted it to be, but I still kept going from there. God has taken me from poetry to articles to books now. Just keep trusting God. In Psalm 37 it tells us if we trust God and delight in Him, he will give us the desires of our hearts. He has done this for me and there is no reason he won’t do it for you.

He loves you and I so much. Dedicate your life and your writing to Him and just keep working at it.

7) What other books are coming out this year?

After David, there will be a study on Solomon as well as Abraham. Then there will be a grief devotional concerning the many forms of grief we go through in a lifetime. For instance, discouragement is one grief many people don’t think of as a grief but it is. Discouragement can rob you of the will to go on in many areas of life, especially spiritually.

There will be two poetry books after this.

8) Would you share a poem with us today?


By Catherine Langerock

I cannot see beyond today,
The future is clouded and dim.
The Lord holds tomorrow
Away from my eyes
And bids me trust in Him.

He leads me along an unknown road,
I dare not walk it alone;
Without Him I would surely fall.
My back would break under the load.

I cannot see what lies ahead,
But His footprints mark the way;
I have only to listen for His still voice
And my feet will never stray.

My plans are only for today,
Just for this little while;
Because I know at the end of the road,
I will see my Savior's smile.

David: Man After God's Heart

David – Man After God's Own HeartLiving Waters Publishing
ContactDan Langerock346 East 6th St.San Jacinto, CA


Mission of Hope Ministry
By Dan Langerock

There are so many people in need of encouragement nowadays with the economy being what it is. Stress in people’s lives is at a breaking point and they need to know someone cares about them. I am putting forth a challenge for the Christian community to use their gifts to help others. Here is the idea:

I believe there are many of you out there with gifts the Lord has given you for singing, playing instruments, encouragement and a host of others. Why not use them to benefit our nation by going in your own city, area and wherever God leads you to spread this hope from God? One person cannot hope to meet all the needs our country has, but all of us working together can make a difference for God, and even an impact. That is the true point of being a Christian, to make an impact for God wherever you go.

We cannot accomplish this momentous task in our own strength because we are not strong enough in ourselves. The issues are too complex. The problems are too big for our wisdom. That is why we need the marvelous wisdom of God that transcends description. We need His power and His love and His wisdom to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Jesus said, “What is impossible for man is possible with God.”

You don’t have to be perfect to be able to use that gift God has given to you. If you will step out in faith, I believe God will work in a wondrous way in our beautiful country of America. Everyone, at some point in their lives needs hope and encouragement. There are many without jobs, places to live, and most of all hope for the future to believe once again. It has all been drained out by what they have been through, just as things may have happened in your life as well.

So, what can you do? Pray about how God wants you to help our nation, first of all. Then use the gifts God has given you to show people the love of God in your neighborhood and city. If we put God in a small box we will get small results. However, if we let Him out of the proverbial box and believe with all our being, God will do wonders for America---one person at a time.

I am challenging every Christian in America to at least pray for God to move in a mighty way in the hearts of Christians everywhere. Then, step out in faith and do what you have prayed about. Get out there and encourage people. If you play an instrument or sing, use those gifts wherever you can. It doesn’t matter what your gift is, the point is to use it for the glory of God.

One church I know of is making quilts for people at a mission to keep. So look for needs in your own sphere of influence: where you work, shop, and everywhere you go. The Bible tells us that wherever Jesus went, He did good for others. If we claim to be Christians and His disciples, can we do any less than He did?

Thank you for praying and joining us in our Mission of Hope to America. You will be truly blessed if you pray about this and then act upon it by using what God has given you. Remember, we are not to be a reservoir but a funnel of His blessings to those around us. God bless you as you obey.

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unwriter said...

I like the idea of your books. It's sort of the Bible for Dummies but in simpler language.

The only talent I have is writing but I try to use that for the better good. By writing humor, I can get a smile and that makes finding a person's way, with God, smoother.

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