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Fin, Fur and Fatal By Billie A. Williams -- A Review

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Fin, Fur and Fatal was released earlier this year and I decided to focus my review of this book.  Some books tend to get lost when another book is released shortly after and I didn't want that to happen to this one.

February (Ary) England runs a pet shop.  She's a very active animal rescue advocate.  Unfortunately, it is this very thing a psychotic man from her past uses to lure her into his plans.  Rogert has just been released from prisonn, where he spent too short of a sentence for atrocious acts of the past involving not only animals, but Ary's best friend at that time.  It takes every ouce of strength for Ary to survive being kidnapped by .

This book immediately caught my attention because I could identify with February.  It held my attention, however, because the writing flowed so smoothly that time slipped away as I read.  Ms. Williams definitely did her research.  The setting and characters were as real as your next door neighbor.

Billie knows how to weave a mystery.  More than that, she takes a horrific situation and presents it without gory details, giving just enough for the reader to know what the situation is, but not creating such an adverse reaction you can't go on reading.  With a book involving animal abuse, it would have been extremely easy to get me to the point where I couldn't finish.  The way Ms. Williams handles such subjects is definitely classy.

I have read several of Billie William's books, but this one stands out.  Billie writes each of her books in such a way that you believe she's been right there as the events occur.  She engages her reader right from the start and doesn't let go until the last page is turned.  Fin, Fur and Fatal  was no exception.  I am consistently amazed at how Ms. William's mind comes up with things that nobody else can.  The little details of events that set her writing apart from others.  For example, who would have thought a toilet tank cover could be a weapon??

For anyone not familiar with Ms. William's work, I highly recommend this one as a starting place--it won't be the last! 

Fin, Fur and Fatal rates six colors on the Rainbow Scale.

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Billie, I want to thank you for joining us this week.  Please come back again; it has been a great week.

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unwriter said...

I have to totally agree with Joyce's assessment of Billie as a writer. I haven't read this one yet, but any book that involves abuse of humans or critters gets my fur ruffled.

Fran Orenstein said...

Billie is a woman after my own heart because anyone who feels the intensity of animal cruelty the way she does, is aces in my book. Good job, Joyce.

Unknown said...

Hi Joyce,
Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I am so glad you found value in what I tried to impart.
Thanks to Ron and Fran for visit and for your kind and heart warming comments. I appreciate your support - and thanks to you all- it's been a marvelous week!

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