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A Peek Inside Overcomers, Inc.

Today I want to share with you some excerpts from Overcomers, Inc. These are but a few of the inspiring words the covers of this book contain. Sit back and enjoy!

Getting Older (and Over!) The ”Not Enough” Syndrome

Marlene Oulton

Shortly before my 49th birthday I decided to boldly go where many had dared to go before me and become an entrepreneur. On April 15, 2006, my company, Write Choice Virtual Assistants, was born. I had tons of administrative experience to draw upon and based my services on these skill sets. Yet in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “You know, I really love to write and proofread. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could manage to get some work along those lines?”

By this time the Universe, God, and I had formed a formidable triangle of mutual respect and love, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when requests to proofread/edit and write articles, ebooks, website content etc. started to flow into my inbox. I had finally become “enough.”

I have now redefined ”enough” in my world today as follows:

*If I treat people with love, kindness and respect, that is “enough.”
*If I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on my table, that is ”enough.”
*If I can help another human being on this journey called life, that is ”enough.”
*If I do my work conscientiously, with care and love, that is ”enough.”
*If I am at peace with and within myself, that is ”enough.”

May you be more ”enough” than you ever imagined possible!

From Overcomers, Inc.; True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration. To get your own copy and receive dozens of bonus gifts go to http://www.overcomersbook.com/booklaunch


Second Chances

Kathleen Gage

I don’t remember when things began to change, but I do remember many a night when my parents would tell me how worried they were for my safety and plead with me to change my ways. I turned my gentle spirit to that of a harsh teenager who grew more distant and angry with each passing day.

I seemed to look for the roughest people I could find to hang out with and call my friends. It wasn’t long before I was getting in trouble at virtually every turn and watching my life quickly spin out of control. What began as a fun way to live soon became a self made prison. And yet, like with any prison, I didn’t know where to find the key to release me.

There were countless times I prayed to a nonexistent God asking for help. “I promise I will change my ways.” For years the promises were empty pleas until one day I got a glimpse of where my life was and where it could be if I were willing to make much needed changes.

I wake up with gratitude on a daily basis because I was given a second chance to turn my life around. I realize I may not always be given another opportunity to change anything in my life and how important it is to be in resolve each and every day.

I feel truly blessed that with my mom and dad, I was given a second chance - one I am not willing to take for granted. I love you mom and dad. Always have, always will.

From Overcomers, Inc.; True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration. To get your own copy and receive dozens of bonus gifts go to http://www.overcomersbook.com/booklaunch


From Trauma To Triumph: One Woman’s Empowering Journey From Fragmented Child To Conscious Entrepreneur

Charlon Bobo

As strange as it even seems to me at times, the lessons of my childhood journey are applicable to every aspect of my life, including the everyday operations of my soulful business. As a conscious entrepreneur, I pull from this experience often to guide me. I’d like to share with you the five key lessons of my pilgrimage.

1. Protective mechanisms are in place whether or not I realize or acknowledge them. I don’t always understand why a project fails to materialize or a serious prospect seems to change her mind. I do know there exists an over-arching structure and order that conspires on my behalf to bring about my highest personal and professional growth. Whatever that wisdom, I can trust it absolutely.

2. My ”story” doesn’t define who I am. I am a vibrant business owner who grows every day, and occasionally stumbles and falls on my bum! Because I constantly create myself anew, nothing from my past can effectively define or imprison me. I consciously choose to “bring my best game” to every day and know that’s enough.

3. Innate wisdom effortlessly guides me to the most opportune time to take action. When in doubt, I do nothing until ultimate clarity presents itself. Although daily action is a crucial component in accomplishing my goals, I can also watch nature and use Her guidance to positively influence my actions. Nature provides a silent, fallow season – winter – to turn inward to rest and restore. Using this model, I reap the most benefit from my efforts. Smart living requires me to balance action with equal inaction.

4. My history doesn’t determine my level of success. I can accomplish any lofty goal I imagine regardless of any perceived limitations. The past doesn’t dictate my future. I gift myself the pleasure and freedom to envision a life of my design. Family-of-origin, childhood circumstances, real or perceived impediments, lack of skills, none of these compare to the capacity of the human spirit to realize dreams.

5. I choose victimhood or empowerment every day with my words, thoughts, and actions. We do not control the actions of others and yet we may be drawn into their drama. Like cast members of a play, energetically we agreed to these roles to teach AND learn. No matter my external circumstances, my responses can only come from one of two places: damage or abundance. I choose abundance.

May you be profoundly blessed by reading my story and take from it any value that forever nourishes your soul.

From Overcomers, Inc.; True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration. To get your own copy and receive dozens of bonus gifts go to http://www.overcomersbook.com/booklaunch

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